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I did not take a shower this morning. I just woke up, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, only my teeth and nothing else. I have the same underwear I slept in and I still feel quite comfortable. I only put on a clean T-shirt and a sweater because the house is cold. Today is my day, I am not going anywhere, and intend to do what I please. I want the upper part of my body with clean clothe and the bottom funky.
I know that I will spend the all day alone, no one ever comes to my house unannounced, except my neighbors and I do not mind, so I am safe.
I had no intention of having a regular breakfast so I made ONE leek, ONE celery and TWO potatoes soup. Vegetables are healthy and it was quite yummy.
I drank all my soup, about a liter and a half, together with a cup of black coffee. It was so much that I skipped the orange juice.

For lunch I decided to go Chinese. I stir fried 250gr. of pork loin with some spinach leaves, baby corn, and snow peas with a little dark and light soy sauce and fish and oyster sauce. It felt authentic and I used a fork. In the process I messed up my T-shirt which I did not change since the colour blended with soy sauce.

I left all my dirty dishes in the sink but at least I dusted the furniture. Now, I am bored and my belly is heavy. Standing up I stretch my body forward then backward then give up. I am seriously bored.
Suddenly I realized that I have nothing to do and I do not want to do anything either. I check my phone and no! I have no miss call, no one called me and I have no one to call either.
CNN is talking about the Bank Stress test; it seems that all have passed except seven banks. They are talking about market, liquidity risk and the announcers are quite excited about the topic. I don’t give a hoot since the only liquid I can get is the one from the tap, and I have plenty of it left since I did not take a shower this morning.
So I must be rich, stinky filthy rich. I am liquid rich because I save water. Maybe I should have been a banker so I can give them some advice in order to get a bonus higher than poor Joe who gets peanuts interest on it’s saving.

Its cold today, I know you are saying it’s not cold we in July. Yep, but I live in Kenya, right below your equator, so your summer is my winter. It is not snow cold but green foliage cold and I don’t like the cold.
The animals must be freezing their butts out in the bush. Bet you, the hippos are not swimming today. I wouldn’t, maybe they are doing like me and not having any mud bath today. The giraffes are walking with their head down; it’s too cold up there.

Anyway, let me watch TV, mostly news. My satellite TV is rich in news but poor in entertainments. I know everything that’s going on in the world; the flood in China, the wear of the qitab in Europe, BP fuel leak, the election in Myanmar and even Obama’s grandmother.
Strange, my word dictionary does not know who Obama is. The prompt says “correct to Osama or ignore”. Anyway, Obama is nice; he speaks English with an American accent. I say so because, Kenyan thinks he is a brother. I hope that’s not true, or else America is in trouble. You don’t want an African statesman in your backyard, once in power your private backyard is gone, that’s why the World Bank was invented for them to get more backyards. You pay and they get it!

Sarkozy has problem too. It seems that an old almost senile but super rich lady gave him some money during his election campaign. He went on TV to woo woo the very not stupid French that it was not so. I am laughing; the French do not believe him.
This heavy duty make up lady will get fully senile if she indeed gave that money to Sarkozy. Already she has tax problem so if you add Sarkozy on her arse (I prefer ass but I was told to be polite) she will go coo coo. French, do not joke and I should know I am French, I never joke.

So what! That’s true, I am French and I live in Kenya. Anyone is allowed to make mistake.
The truth tough, is that I do not know how much longer I will stay in Kenya. I understand them looking into building a nuclear plant to produce electricity. Looking at the way their transformers are blowing up on a daily basis, I do not think it will be a good idea. I hear that Chernobyl is still close. In Africa they will have to close the whole continent.

I am happy because your summer will end soon. Now I know what to do, when my summer comes I will take a shower then you can stop taking one.



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