From Panorama

The Italian edition of Panorama magazine reveals the affairs of gay priests in Italy. They have ménage a trois, two consenting adults and the Holy Ghost.
Everyone knows that lots of kinky things are happening in religious circle; Da Vinci style sadomasochism ritual and homosexuality among others. I have not mentioned nuns; it is yet to be exposed.

Catholic priests have vows and are not allowed to ever use their zee-zee. Yes, they are not allowed to use it, except for urinating.

The magazine shows a video; a priest with a dog-collar with his bone wrapped in his underwear.
Post-frolicking, he performs a private mass and drinks wine from a metal goblet. I saw it on the Swiss TV. Interesting!
Then the investigating report shows priests partying in the hot gay spots of Italy.

I do not care what the bone-collar gang does. They are the same jokers telling you not to use condoms, and brain wash you with moralities of what you should or not do with your consenting partners.
Then oops! They go play with your kids’ jewels and tell you, sorry I was weak and the devil made me do it, come and let’s pray together for forgiveness. Jesus will understand. I want to keep the affair quiet, I am priest.
 “Do not hit me! I have the power of excommunication.”
“What!” without warning daddy becomes physical with the priest
“Daddy, daddy not him, the other priest!”
“Jesus! Help me, I am sorry!”
“Daddy, he played with my brother. The other one wanted me to kneel in front of his zee-zee.”

I understand now why they love to preach gospels to the poor, uneducated nations of South America, Asia and Africa.
Away from the hub, called the Vatican, there, it is easier to hump-hump the mass.
I am sure that lots of them procreate kids, have girl or boy friends and get drunk on Fridays night in these far away lands.

Soon, but not so soon, the pope will give you this long metaphoric monotonous monologue in twenty different languages, “we are looking into the matter”.
Then take a cute snooze, while sitting on his pope chair, in front of a cheering crowd.
Change has to come. Priests must be allowed to legally sex people up, or each others for that matter with consenting adult but not the kids.

Let them enjoy life, marry, have families and divorce too. It will give them more strength to understand the pagans among us.

They go to gay bars, drink, fornicate and we, the dodos, must not use condoms for control damage when we get excited.   Let’s allow them to live like us, they will understand.



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