Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

Sorry, I must up the volume on that piece.

“Yes, they both left the stage
Soon as their solo’s were over
And if you figure it out
Their groove I’d like to help you
Their groove I’ve help you
SO WHAT !!!”

I love Jazz and “so what” by Miles Davis is among my favorite.

Anyway, I’m happy; tomorrow my brother, Jean- Marc, is coming. We do not see each other a lot, but he is the one, in my family, I see the most. In three years it will be the fourth time to meet. He will stay with me for about four days and it’s my intention to sip, like good wine, every seconds of his presence.

He is coming with Pascal, his partner in life. Actually, the best description is his partner for life. They are joined under the “Pacte civil de solidarité” which is in English the Civil Union. They are coming to Kenya, where I stay, to celebrate their 10 years anniversary together.

I am ready. I will cook, introduce them to acquaintances, take them places and then both will take off to Maisai Mara, Mount Kenya, Mombasa and other places.

Aaaaaah! Notice, I said, I will introduce them to acquaintances.
I will, but whom?
I intend to be very selective, I have no intention to circus them in front of a gossip seeker, narrow minded strictly heterosexual crowd.
So why will I be selective? Because, I live in Kenya!
For the one who do not know, Kenya is in Africa and Africa is the most booby trap continent in respect of gay rights. The exception is South Africa which has laws more progressive than its citizen.

In Kenya, only gay women are safe but with caution. Meaning the law is not interested in women humping each other but men, watch out!
If caught they are frog-marched, humiliated and finger pointed, considered cursed and, bringing disease. Then, a judge may hammer down up to a 14 years vacation in a jail.

African society does not understand gray areas. The society dictates that you must be white or black, contaminated by the West or Africa and it decides if your ways are African or un-African. Anything in between is heresy.
Africa, surely, has lots of famous gays; probably the same percentage as African-American. But here, talk about it and the response are a wide-eyed stance and a….humph!

So that’s why, I will introduce them to the crème de la crème of Kenya gray areas; I said gray and the all spectrum of it. The gorgeous and beautiful Kenyan with open mind, individuality, sensibility, in touch with their emotions, non conformist, eccentric, unique, aware, receptive….. phew! Let me stop here the list is too long.

“Yes, they both left the stage
Soon as their solo’s were over
And if you figure it out
Their groove I’d like to help you
Their groove I’ve help you
SO WHAT !!!”

Woah! I love Jazz.




  1. Hey big brother! I wish I was there. It’d be nice to meet my other brother for the first time. You see what I mean. I’d really love to meet him and his partner of course. If everything is ok over there next week after the referendum, then we are coming. For the 2nd check-up actually. will see.
    Luv you

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