They are gone. My brother and his partner are gone. A van picked them up about five minutes ago for their next journey into their vacation in Kenya.

I ran out of milk so I put sweet condensed milk in my coffee. Hmm! It tastes good.
I enjoyed the three days they spend with me.
I wish it had been longer but hey! That’s life, I can’t complain.
I finish my coffee so I light up a cigarette. Why not, I feel empty and puff while looking at my garden.

I like my neighbors, a gay couple, it was the first place I took my brother and his partner to and they hit it off right away.
We drank some, they smoke some and the rest was an across the border cultural chit-chat, smiles and joy. The best was that, within seconds, they arrange a get together the next day at my house. I mean, for the novice Nairobi does have a thriving rainbow culture.

We finish the night at Havana, a bar, for more drinks, then Gypsies, another bar, where I met whom I call, since he knows everyone, the mayor of Nairobi who invited us for more drinks.
Their flight with the stop over was 20 hours and yet, tired, they managed to dance to nirvana.
I got drunk and my brother drove us home. We are all tired and happy, they took off their shoes, went to sleep but the shoes kept on dancing. OK! I’m drunk but that’s what I saw!

Next morning, I am up at before 8 am; drive off the house for grocery shopping for the party.
My jaw drops to my knees, all supermarkets are close. Today is voting day for the new constitution, that’s good! But all stores are shut!
In Parkland, workers are cleaning the inside display of a butcher shop. I make myself ugly and lick with pity their window.
Success! I have a raw tongue but who cares, I’ve two legs of lambs.
Early afternoon, we get the rest with my brother. Little snacks and booze and we will do with what we have.

It is 4pm and my neighbors are the first to arrive with a bottle of wine and Jelly beans, I love Jelly beans and look like one too, then one more guest arrives, more, more and more in groups or solos, around 20 in total.
All shape, colors, nationalities, looks, languages, ages and with three things in common; braiiiin, panaaaache and so Gaaaay!

The affair was up class, small musical chairs of groups sharing their intellectual thoughts, interest and light moments punctuated with laughter and even dance lessons. The conversation topics were eclectic; fashion, religion, music, travel, antiques, work and culture.
No one kept quiet; everyone had something to nicely blah, blah, blah about.
Everyone was at ease (I don’t accept shyness) making drinks, playing with a friendly stray cat or munching on the roasted lamb leg. Everyone was hot, without anxiety and free being themselves.

Neighbors, friends and all of you made this get together truly enjoyable. My brother and his partner are thanking all of you, even Olly who made a short appearance and scared the cat up a tree.
If you go to France, get in touch with me for their contact. By the way, they ask me to offer a special mention to the person who gave them a puff of their cigarette.
What brand was that?




  1. Loved it!!!

    It was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loved both of them!

    Hugs to all..


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