E. T.

This is an update to “MY FATHER’S E-MAIL”. I did send him my blog, but I am not sure he understood since it’s in English.
Our divide is greater than the Great Rift Valley, he is French-speaking and I am more comfortable in English. Maybe, if he had stayed longer, I would have taught him English.

Anyway, yesterday he sent me an e-mail. Addressed to load of other people too. “Bisous !!!!!!!” (Translation = kisses !!!!!!!)”.With an attachment called Hubble.
I open the attachment and it is about a telescope called Hubble orbiting somewhere in space and sending images of different planets and galaxies.

Nice, I have more concern about our relationship and he sends me something about space.

I am afraid to understand. But I think I know now. Just like “E.T.”, my father is from space. He is an extra terrestrial, he is from space, Hubble took some pictures of his planet and he misses home.
I don’t know how long my father has been stranded on planet Earth. His body must be an assumed form just like in ‘Avatar’.
My alien father would keep quiet for very, very long time and emerge in a different country. He has miss planes and still reaches his destination. He is faster than Superman and yet they don’t look alike, he has never worn his underwear on the outside.

What does that make me, half alien and half human?
Now, I have quirk in my personality. I like to wander the world, or used too, I am fluffy and within me I do not seem to age. I don’t like meat so much anymore; I am very liberal and hate prejudice about people different from the norm.
Yes, I am part alien, just like in “Star Wars”; I am accustom to see different people. I even drink red wine and blue Curaçao. Last night, I enjoyed the raw fish at the Japanese restaurant and I can even rise up my right eyebrow without touching it.

My father was unable to connect with me because he is an extra terrestrial from a porous planet full of air where alien communicate via osmosis using only metaphor.

I shall no longer worry about my sentimental ways, I am bigger than that and bigger than planet Earth. I am part alien from outer space.
I am wrong. My father does connect with me but at a different level, a spatial level where the element of time is irrelevant. My human side wants physical presence but his alien way wants space.
He should have told me that before. I need more of his alien powers to cope with human attitudes.

I reply to his e-mail;
“cuckoo !!!!!!!!!!”
And send as attachment the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. I want him to think of me as Randle Patrick McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) wandering among aliens.



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