Me, during the second stage of my life.


I believe that life has three simple stages; the beginning, the middle and the end.
Isn’t the same for everyone?

During the first stage of my life, my hair was never thick and with a run of the mill black colour. My chest had a thin hair-line between my breasts; my nipples and belly button were noticeably crowned with long fine hairs. I had few hairs on my legs and almost nothing on my arms.
My mustache was and still has baby silky hair, same quality hair as my armpits. My beard only grows on my chin and under it but not on my cheeks.
My pubic hairs are very long and the best quality available on my entire body. But I noticed it’s the same for everyone.
In my mid twenties, I started to have gray hairs on my head. It never bother me, actually I like it.

Around the mid thirties, taking a shower, I noticed the first gray hairs on my pubic area. That’s when I knew I was entering the second stage of my life.
I had lot more gray hair on my head but seeing two gray hairs fighting each other on my pubic area was a great emotional shock. My reality was that I was a common mortal not gifted with eternal life. I reevaluated myself and went on with life as an “adult”, having gray pubic hair was my rite of passage.

The hairy manhood on my chest and legs all fell off, the gray hairs turned white.
I dyed my hair once, not too look younger but as a fashion statement. Seeing a model with a full head of gray hair, I wanted to do the same. It was a fiasco, the colour turned to a strange brown shade never seen in other human beings and I had to wear a cap for a week.
No amount of washing removed this stupid hair color and my remedy was to shave my head to a clean bold. Bold head look good on others but not on me, it makes me look cruel and dangerous and its high maintenance.

Yesterday, facing the mirror, I saw on my mustache, which I call dirt when I feel ugly, two white hairs on each side of my nose. These white hairs seem to sprout in pairs.
Now, I can officially say that I am entering the third stage of my life
I don’t understand why my subconscious defines ageing by the appearance of white hair in area I least expect or least want, first my pubic hair and now my moustache.

I have looked at older people never realizing that one day I will be one of them.
Isn’t stupid!



One response to “I’M GETTING OLD

  1. Coucou mon doudou,
    j’adore tes articles, trop top, et super passionnants et très drôles.
    juste un comment sur cet article. you are not getting old!!! and i love you as you are.
    miss you a lot

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