World Trade Center by Ras200


I favor the practice of any religions but do not appreciate for religious group, even atheist, to impose their views on others. Anyone’s belief telling me how to take care of my transcendental life cuts against my grain. I am not a religious addict and will not waste my time reasoning with addicts.
I favor separation of church and states. The worldly and secular aspect of our life is for democratically elected governments and religions for the transcendental and holiness of life. There is no common ground among the two.

I feel the same about immigration. Regardless where people come from or want to go to is not my problem. My philosophy is simple the world is beautiful and belongs to everyone.
Territories are a remnant of tribes existing worldwide a millennium ago and things will change. Now, you have the UNITED States of America, the European UNION and the UNITED Arab Emirates
Usually, people want to stay and thrive in the land of their birth and anyone annoyed about the influx of foreigners invading their areas for better life or opportunities should question the corrupt leaders, forcing for different reasons, their citizen to immigrate abroad.
I think I know a bit about that, I live in Africa and African migrates due to man-made problems; war, tribalism, child labor, slavery, religious conflict, persecution, lack of human rights, self-censorship due to lack of press freedom, poverty due to uneven distribution of resources, bogus election, corruption, anachronism in culture, nepotism and bias towards anything which they do not comprehend.
Try crossing Africa, by land, from north to south and if you arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa, in one piece then you’ve made history.

My liberal principles are simple. Anyone has the right to do what they want as long as it does not infringe on the well-being of others and within the cultural, ethical and legal frame of the society you live in.
Immigrate where you want but, in public, harmonize with the host country life-style and culture.
Worship without arrogance or contempt for religions or belief contrary to yours.

Photo by Georgie Girl


 Ground Zero is the site in Manhattan, New-York City, where twin towers called the World Trade Center were destroyed, on 11 September 2001, by two planes piloted by Al-Qaeda suicide members. The damage was massive, over 3000 persons of different nationalities and religions died, and many affected or not by this carnage have not yet found closure.
Al Qaeda is a militant group with religious ambition to install an Islāmic (caliphate) style of governance in Muslim countries.
Al-Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center created an instant misplaced hatred towards all Muslim in the US, even to the ones living there for generations.

Ground Zero by Volcomfireguy


Two blocks away from Ground Zero, on private property, the Cordoba Initiative, an organization founded by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, whose aim is to improve Muslim-West relations, wants to build an Islāmic learning center and a Mosque. In accordance with the US constitution and laws it has the right to do so.
The Cordoba Initiative is derisive of American sensitivity and so is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf also Imam of Masjid Al-Farah’s mosque located twelve blocks from Ground Zero.

Proposed site of the Ground Zero Mosque- Photo Donald Douglas


Imam Feisal studied and spent many years in the US but his insensibility about Ground Zero still shows lack of harmony and understanding of the American cosmopolitan culture and way of life.
His organization has the right to build an Islāmic Learning Center together with a Mosque but exercising this right shall be perceived as a malicious moral contempt to the victims of 9/11, their family and NYC and that’s definitely not the way to improve relations between Islam and the West.



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