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Congratulations.  I want to congratulate Africa.  They are sarcastic congratulations but that’s the way I know best to express myself.

Check the Multidimensional Report Index (MPI) with the Huffington Post which should officially be coming out shortly.

African is the second largest continent in the world, it has 54 countries and 24  ranked the poorest in the world.

Yes, 24 countries out of the first 25 poorest countries in the world are in Africa, the poorest on Earth, the Planet’s poorest.

The 10 poorest are all in Africa and they are; Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Central African Republic, Somalia, Burundi, Burkina-Faso, Mali, Ethiopia and Niger.

Africa total population is slightly over 1 billion. The 10 poorest of the poor are about 15% of the African continent.

The 10 poorest countries have lots of sand for territory but they are rich in gold, uranium, coffee, oil, cotton, livestock, bauxite, alumina, diamonds, kaolin, iron ore, rubber, timber, tea, flower, phosphate, cobalt, nickel, leather etc.

The majority of the 10 poorest countries have a young population, lack of educational infrastructure, and 50 years of independence most gained from France the former colonial power. Yes, and France paraded some of these troupes, on the Champs-Élysées, during Bastille Day on 14 July.

During Bastille Day, 2010, President Sarkozy invited the head of States of its former colony and in attendance, among 13 other African President, was the leaders of Burkina Faso, Central African Republic and Niger.

Africa was definitely instrumental during WWII in Europe but for many, Sarkozy became an instant caricature of Ali Baba with his 16 thieves.

 The other fact is that almost none of the African countries are true democracy and they rife in ethnic violence, wars, corruption and lack of civil rights.

What went wrong, well anything is subject to debate.  One can fault colonization, deforestation, drought or western exploitation of resources.

My conclusion is different.  Africa is rich but a victim of leadership incompetence. They have Presidents dying at the country’s helm, changing the constitutions so they can keep power.  Presidents stealing their country’s wealth to buy property in Europe then deposit the rest in Swiss bank.  Presidents providing they close one and family with lavish governmental post.  In Africa, government coffers are milking cows for the unscrupulous ministries employees.

African Statesmen parade abroad then, upon returning home, bus in dancers to welcome them at the airport in full view of state-owned press media.

I cannot blame Africans looking for greener, legal or illegal, pasture abroad. Change in Africa should come from within.  However, the looting has gone for over 50 years. An approach, but that’s utopia, would be to make any corrupt leader accountable to an International court. It would be nice for the Diaspora, besides sending money back home to support families, to be more pro-active in the affairs of their government.



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