My son wrote a poem almost a month after his 9th birthday.
The short poem, actually for homework, was about the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Hamelin town did not pay the Pied Piper for cleaning the town of its rats. In revenge, the Pied Piper takes the towns’ children away.

I very well remember this homework; he walked back and forth from his desk to my ears, paper in hand, asking me if “these” words rhymed.If the answer was “no”, he would go back to his desk and look in his mind for another pair of matching words.  A “yes” made him run back with joy with “I know what to write now”.

My son is very talkative and imaginative. He always has something to say about any topic.  His three pastimes are watching cartoons, playing with friends or creating imaginary machines and monsters out of anything.

Like me, he does not stay idle and his attention time is very short on any matter which he finds boring but passionate on things catching his interest.

Now, our relationship is more mental than real. His mother and myself have been divorced for a long time and, due to the exigency of my life, I relinquished him to her.
The after divorce life, for his sake, was unsustainable for both parents and her culture world apart from mine.
Consequently, I do not communicate or see him much.
Our relationship is dysfunctional and I visualize, now, his life in my head.
I depress thinking about my son, he is a carbon copy of my childhood and that’s something which I never wanted.
I love the poem for the warm thoughts it brings about my son.

 The Angry Piper

When the mayor refused to pay the Piper,
The Piper got really mad and hipper.
Out the houses the children came running,
And a few were even walking,

When the children were under the Piper’s spell of his pipe wave
He took them to a secret cave
The parents went to the town hall to complain about the Piper,
He had stolen the children and it was not proper

Peter a disabled boy lost on the march to the Piper’s den
Found a girl’s ribbon which led him to the children
He gathered all of them shaking
And took them back to the town of Hamelin

The parents of Hamelin town were clapping
The mayor was smiling
And Peter was awarded a medal
For the children survival

By my son / Grade:5b 


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