Everyone is at Rihanna’s neck.  Instead of practicing French on her notebook she went straight to her neck and made a mistake.

Yep! In nice letters she tattooed her neck with “rebelle fleur” instead of “fleur rebelle”. 

Maybe her French advisor was Wycleff Jean.  But she should have known that language is one of the reasons the dude cannot run for presidential election in Haiti.
Actually, he speaks none of Haiti’s language!
And she expects him to know French!
The chap is Brooklyn raised; they speak only West-Indian there.

Anyway, Rihanna should not worry, the words are inverted and standing up on her head will rectify the mistake.
I know they’re still looking for her head at the tattoo parlor but with luck she’ll get it back. Usually it comes with a brain. Duh! Not everyone is gifted.

“rebelle fleur” translates as rebel flower.  I don’t even understand the English version.
My grandmother when she had bouts of dyslexia would ask me to put the fridge in the cheese. Well, “rebelle fleur” is not even a dyslexic sentence.

Maybe she got emotional when she saw the movie “Rebel without a cause”.
Who knows?
Maybe, Rihanna thinks of herself as a rebel with a flower, or a flower with a rebel.
That’s total confusion and poor thing she had to ink it all over her neck.  You don’t need a magnifying glass, she used big font! As big as Marlon Brando!

She is money cute; she even still looked cute with the black eye she got with slow-brain- fast-fit-motor-mouth-rapper-ex-boy-friend Chris Brown. She sings as good as her legs. Money makes everyone cute. I know, me too when I have money I look better.

I know what she can do; she can tattoo a band-aid on top of rebelle or fleur. Like that, people will think that she is back with Chris Brown, Voila!
Now it still does not make much sense but the paparazzi will leave her alone while they look for Brown the rebel. 

Microsoft loves to underline in red Rihanna’s “Rebelle”.  I click and it gives me two suggestion to correct “rebelle”; Rebelled and RUBELLA.

I am out, I hate doctors!



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