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I read lots of blogs on African matters, opinions, politic etc.
Some blogger are very good and provide great features of their liking.    

I do not agree with all articles but at least, unlike the media of most African country, their voice is not censored and the pro or con of their opinions is worth reading.    

My examples of good blogs on African issues are “afrospear” and “Global Voices” for insight on African matters but hundreds more are in the blogosphere.
Others are pure trash and their concerns are to rants with ineligible sentences and  #$%^& about the racism of the past, which of course still exist under a different form but if they do not present solution or ideas to solve the content then, who cares!
I have no time for blogs about the good life of expat’s wives driven to lush places with a cohort of nannies taking care of their children.   I have seen some crying when it was time to go back home. Life is so cruel without a nanny.     

Africa does not easily accept criticism.  It metaphors and pin points the problem of all their ills on others and especially the West. They argue that no one understand their culture, way of life and ethics.  It is true that colonialism had a massive negative effect on the partitioning of Africa. Also, note that Africa was part of slavery, the greatest holocaust the world ever saw. African scholars rarely touched that issue.  It is in the past so let’s move on.    

Most African countries have, in average, gained independence in the last 50 years.
Europe divided Africa to fit the need of their development. That’s what the scramble for Africa was all about.  Europe did not care about geographical boundaries. You find same ethnic groups living on both or more side of frontiers and countries whose half their space is desert.    

After independence Africa became the looting ground for despot, cruel and self-righteous leaders. Just like Europe with their Hitler, Mussolini and Ceausescu.
Africa created Idi Amin, Jean–Bedel Bokassa and Mobutu Sesse Seko.  The International community is zeroing in the modern tyrant like Al-Bashir but more, with a different style have sprouted.    

The first African rulers stayed a long time in power. Thanks to the developed world.  As long as they could offer their minerals and oil at a cheap price, the West closed its eyes on African leaders looting and killing their citizens. 
China, who has a huge need for raw material, has now taken up the role of “No questions asked, just give me the goods.”    

The Organization of African Unity (OAU) is a lion with no claws. It is a rich man’s club of leaders leaching their citizens, still the poorest in the world and the wretch of the earth.
They nonchalantly add fuel to the stereotypes of what the world has about Africa, they move on from conferences to conferences and, outside the continent, pass the hat from state visit to state visit for the loans and donations until they satisfy their belly. Then go back home and share the loot with their cronies and family members. The crumbs are for the mass.      

I understand Africans looking for opportunities in other lands.  All humans, worldwide,   do the same when facing lack of opportunities, basic human rights and standard of living or all the things their leaders have but deny them.
The West is not so happy about it, but they never complain when they needed them to fight their wars during WWII and get the ores to support their factories.    

They only notice the influx of odd faces when the economy is bad.
It is easy to blame immigrants, especially when they come in different shade of blacks and outfits not blending with the host country’s style. That’s when being exotic becomes out of fashion.    

So, well and said Africa has to pull up their socks and they must think about globalization.  Yes, the world is becoming global. To survive one must fit within the global sphere
The culture of women as property must change. Female Genital Mutilation and tribal scarifications imposed by old custom are obsolete.  They belong to another millennium.
Beliefs must change. The world does not understand the killing of albinos for spiritual endowments or the jailing of gays because they are different. I think that’s un-African.
The practice of religions must change. Spirituality cannot be imposed, it is a relationship between a convert and its almighty.    

Africans must question the politic of their “democratically” elected leaders.
Democracy is not voting for a presidential aspirant upon receiving a T-shirt, a bag of flour or an invite to a roast meat party for the hungry.    

Africa is worth salvation. Besides the minerals it has one of the most striking geography on the planet, a diverse fauna which you can still witness in the wild and not confined to zoos, a culture rich in art; stories, music, cooking, dance and fashion.    

Africa is excellent as a Moroccan couscous, the thieboudienne of Senegal, the silver back gorillas in the forests of Uganda and Rwanda, rhythm from Zaire, a hike on top of the Kilimanjaro or a boat ride on Lake Victoria.
Africa does adapt; Jazz and wine in South Africa, Japanese Sushi in Nairobi, Music Festival in Zanzibar or Lamu.    

Africans are the victims of their leaders who destroy the continent with their kleptomaniac elite . They rob the mass then send their children for studies outside the continents, buy properties in France, build fat bank account abroad and fly off, when sick, to hospitals in Europe. The élite act as if the country is a personal coffer to plunder.    

I am sarcastic when I write about Africa.  I want you to understand that Africa with all its riches is not poor, with its arable land is not hungry and with all its water is not dry. All the problems are man-made. Their leaders impoverish, starve and dehydrate the mass.    

I wish for the African Diasporas to be proactive in the affair of their home country. Sending money for the family subsistence living is only a short-term panacea.  It provides for the urgent, continues the present and builds complacency.      

The Diaspora has strenght; an example is Ory Okolloh who with her blog (Kenya pundit) and website (Mzalendo) played a positive awareness role on Kenya’s political life and even during the chaos of the 2007 elections.    

African bloggers are a positive role model. 




3 responses to “AFRICA IS RICH BUT ….

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for using a photograph from the Cape Town International Jazz Festival in your blog.
    I appreciate it.

  2. Greetings! I agree that long-term solutions need to be drawn up to solve the long-standing problems of the African continent. Many harp on the source of the problem, imperialism or corrupt leaders, without instituting solutions. Solutions are what is needed at this time.

    Peace and blessings,

    Nikala A.

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