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I live in Kenya and lately, my life is totally controlled by a company called The Kenya Power & Lighting Company Ltd, in short KPLC. (KPLC / Keeping People Lunatic and Confused)

KPLC kidnapped me and I am their hostage.

– On Sunday, due to routine system maintenance, I did not have power from 8am until 7pm. An update: for the same reason, the next Sunday, I had no power from 8:30am until 5pm.
– Monday, the same from 3pm until 4am because a truck hit the overhead cables. Yes, Nairobi, a capital, still uses wooden poles and overhead cable.  If they cannot figure out how to make sidewalks*, forget about underground cables. 
– Today morning, at 6am working on my desktop the power went off for half an hour.

A few months back my refrigerator, TV and 2 DVD players fried due to KPLC overload and almost the same for some of my neighbors.

The worst is when I checked my bill which is Ksh 3,239.40 for last month and I am thrifty on using power.  My consumption is only Ksh 1,687.50 .  The difference, a whopping Ksh 1453.58 is for the following taxes and adjustment as follows;

  • Fuel Cost charges (318.40 cents/Kwa)             
  • FOREX adj. (85.0 cents /Kwa)
  • Inflation adj. 10.0
  • ERC Levy 5.00%
  • VAT 12.00 %

I am a average person when it comes to all this numbers and acronyms. I do not know how to calculate percentage, I was not born a calculator but it looks that the taxes and adjustment are about 80% or more of my consumption.  It is outrageous!

Nicely enough, I receive an e-mail from my Embassy with a beautiful color attachment, informing the signing of a commercial agreement with KPLC to upgrade their network.  So, if I understand correctly the French Government is aware that my bill his high and that KPLC charge the highest electricity rates in Africa. 

It is confusing; it is not KPLC letting me know of the matter but the French embassy in Kenya doing so on their behalf.

Wow! That’s efficient!  The information did a round trip to Europe then came back to me who lives about 10km from the Embassy and 3km from KPLC.  Therefore, I think, I will no longer bring my concerns to KPLC but to my Embassy.  Thank you!

* I notice that lots of people are not familiar with the word “sidewalk”.  I assume because there is so few here.  However, they understand the “side of the road”.  It does make sense; you cannot stand on a sidewalk if they do not exist, so you stand on the side of the road.  For further information check my post “Where are the sidewalks in Nairobi



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