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La Bamba (song)

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M & N is my candy.  Well, let me explain; M stands for Miora and N for Nivo.

So correctly I should say that M & N are my candy.

They serve the same purpose as M&M.  They are colorful, sweet, comforting and delicious.  For the kinky out there, they are delicious in a platonic way. 

I met M (Miora) first. She had hair past her waist and eyes looking at me with a “where is this guy from?”  

Then N (Nivo), the sister, came much later with her permanently cast smile from ear to ear.
I really like both of them and consider them as my acquired family.

Even though, their mother always scares me.  I don’t know why, she reminds me of women, in B&W movie, slowly coming down long stairways with a stern face. I always expect bats spooking me out of nowhere when I see her. She is nice to me but I don’t know! When I see her I want to run away and fast.

M provided the best part of my adult life, as friends we would go out, chit-chat on politics and other non sense of life, drinks to the tipsy but not the drunk stage, share our secrets which remained secrets, enjoy nice restaurant and salsa danced in our favorite joints.
N is for funny stories, crazy ideas, the remote control zapping out the seriousness of life and the “who cares about the rest” we must go on.

Together with shared memorable moments even when a jealous ex of mine hit my forehead in public thinking that M or N was mine.  Which is absolutely not true and I don’t understand small mind, I think they must be quite small indeed, thinking that a man cannot have a platonic relationship with a woman or vice versa.

Now, still talking about memorable moments, the one which always stuck in my mind is when we decided to sing Karaoke.
A couple of drinks stimulated the courage for the three French-speaking “nous”*, to sing on stage, in front of an English-speaking audience, a Spanish song called “La Bamba”.

We sung horribly, but to this day, I vouch that we performed the best ever in the world version of “La Bamba”.
We sung it with happiness and ecstasy of being together.  We created our own joyful riot about life; our interpretation of “La Bamba” was firework!

I now and then see M & N is a “coucou” popping by surprise on my desktop screen.
M has acquired a husband and has two kids now.
N’s husband kept her and, wanting to be different, has three kids from two hits.  Yes, the last born are twins.

M & N are people who all lives need. Sorry, I’m getting nostalgic.


*” We” in French


2 responses to “M & N

  1. Je t’aime !!!!

  2. Luv you !!!!!!!!
    Only saw this today. Was on holiday.
    For sure, we are going to sing another La Bamba again. In another place another time, just the 3 of us.

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