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The world is a wreck. We have all type of wars for whatever reasons; ethnic, territory, religion, minerals, “that’s mine not yours”, “I am right you wrong” and whatever other possibilities the human races wants to have war over.  

Humans have becomes self-righteous idiots losing the perspective that we are on earth for only a few things; laugh, love and listen to music.
Ok! So I forgot a few things! Add them up, as long as it makes you and everyone else groovy!

Woodstock is the only solution.  The world needs a Woodstock to reconcile all the differences we have.
Let’s have the mother of all Woodstock concert to say fuck to the bad old days and welcome love and happiness.
Let’s show our difference, embrace our differences and make different babies.

Let’s smoke the weed and drink the wine in the name of peace and love.
Oh! Peace, do you remember the peace button?  I do!  Come on!  Let’s make a peace tattoo chain. I tattoo you, you tattoo me, we tattoo each other a peace button on our asses.

Let’s sing and dance at our difference and wear multicolored flower shirts and get spaces out on our nirvana of choice. Let’s get our today’s Swami to bless the death of an insane society and the rebirth of a new one.

Let the music of our new era play; I want to hear acid guitars like Jimmy Hendrix, raucous voice like Janis Joplin, freedom song Richie Havens’ style, and world music colored Ravi Shankar. I want a Joe Cocker look-alike playing an imaginary guitar and asking us if we are “feelin’ alright”.

We need to revive communes and travel the world at “Easy Rider” speed, place flowers at the end of a rifle’s barrel.

I want us to let our hair grow to our waist or have a big bad-ass afro dressed with a mini-skirt or a bell-bottom jean and tie dye blouse.

I want to see body art, psychedelic drawing and tigers painted on black velvet and admired under a fluorescent light.
If that’s not enough for you then let’s play Frisbee, a simple game of simple pleasure.

I want to ride in a multicolored Hippie-van. Peace and love, Woodstock I am ready! 

Dig my T-shirt! 




2 responses to “BRING BACK WOODSTOCK!

  1. Very nice post. The music, peace and love pop culture of the 60’s was in reaction to the turmoil of those days. Today’s reaction to the turmoil entails more reality tv where love is embodied in The Bachelor(ette) and peace is portrayed as Jersey Shore. lol!

    By the way, I featured this blog as our blog of the week at AfroSpear: Chocolate Sundaze. I find what you do here very cool!


  2. Thanks for the kind words and the vote of confidence. Cheers

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