Goree Island

"door of no return" Goree Island -Image by angela7dreams via Flickr

 Please, thread carefully when you talk about racism.  More so when you are black and the racism you want to explore is the black on black racism.  At time, I have touch on raw nerves and decided to excuse myself and let the self-righteous blacks carry on their conversation. I despise any misplaced hatred even towards the West.  

There is an established belief  the West, single-handed, took Africans from their continent and exported them as slaves to the new world.
It is not true and black Americans tend to forget the role Africans played on this holocaust.  Slaves were captured by Africans and sold to slave traders. Slave trading was practiced in Africa before the industrialization of sugar cane and cotton in the Americas.
Yes, Africans enslaved Africans for the markets of the New World.  

That’s why you probably never read stories about Africans rising up against the abolition of slavery.  It killed their business.  

Many black Americans think their ancestry is from the pharaoh style Egypt or Nubia.
A small percentage of Egypt lays in Africa.  The now instinct Nubia was located in southern Egypt and the northern part of Sudan.  In reality most of the slaves came from the western coast of Africa, probably very few from Nubia and to please exception almost never from Egypt.  

I am not religious, but respect it, and what baffles me is the speed black Americans espouse Christian values from the preachers of holy books which treated them as brainless little children. Not only that but some religious organization held slaves and in accordance with Exodus 21:5-6 and 25:44 slave ownership is acceptable.
I want you to cry and go to Gorée Island, off the coast of Senegal, and tell me if you can pray in the church of Saint Charles.  Pray Christian style to the same almighty blessing slaves, your ancestors, crossing the “door of no return”.  I can’t!  

Besides some uh-oh! And going to lots of meetings and conferences, Africa was laid back to stop apartheid in former Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Oh yes, I cannot forget the Lusaka Manifesto from the Organization of African Unity , Malawi kept mute and the 14 African signatories wanted a peaceful solution to the dilemma.  The reality is that sanctions from the “West” are what helped toppling the white government in South Africa and not Africa.  

Did anything good rise up from the ashes of the slavery holocaust.   Yes!  Now, black Americans are as a group the richest, most influential and most educated black people on the planet.  

And back to the question of racism. I do not argue with people hating me because of the colour of my skin. If you have any problem with it, don’t involve me, and keep it as your predicament.
I do not like my colour, I adore it!  

My thinking is influenced by my environment, education and experience in life.  So if you, as a black person, tell me that I think like a white man I will take it as a compliment.  I do not want to be part of your inferiority complex telling me that thinking different is only the white man’s realm.  

My being black is not a carte blanche, for people sharing my colour, to drag me down because I beg to differ on certain black perspectives.  

No, my colour does not make me your brother unless we come from the same society and environment or have an intellectual affinity.
You fit my conditions? Then I will call you brother, even if you are Chinese looking.  

I have no problems, whatever race you are, if you call me nigger, Negro (notice the capital N) or the like as long as you do not say it in a derogative way.  Make no mistake, I proudly carry my Négritude.  That’s my signature and I wear it on the outside.  





  1. WOW! I like!


    • Asabagna,
      Thanks again. Actually it was a post from Ana Renee which prompted me to write ” to the black on black racist”. I did received lots of positive calls about that post.
      I really love your blog, it provides eccletic and different point of views about the Afrospear people. All worthy of consideration.
      I have been blogging for about 7 weeks now, I have a lot to learn but will continue.

  2. Brother Patrick, I am surprised you have been blogging for only 7 weeks. I have 5 bloggers on my daily “must-read” list and you are one of them. You are very talented writer. You’re strength is your honesty and passion about what you feel and believe. In my opinion, this is what makes an interesting writer.
    Keep on keeping on!

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