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Adult circumcision in Egypt

 My son flashed me yesterday. Not unusual since all we have is a mobile phone relationship.  I call him back; he needs my help for his homework.
“How French people dress during special occasions” and “What do French eat during special occasions?”
“I do not know. All depends on the occasion.” 
“Do they drink champagne?”
“Yes, they drink champagne during special occasions.”
“How they dress?”
“Fashion in France is a big industry so, again for special occasions, I assume they wear a suit.  But it depends……well they dress like people in Europe dress…. and why did you pick this topic?”
“It’s for school and I just want to know what French people do.” 

We chit-chat for one minute about his new school, which he likes, then tell him “thank you for calling” as soon I realized how stupid my last sentence was, he answers “thank you for helping me with my homework.”
Beep, the conversation is over.  

From the tone of his voice I knew his mother was not around. Just like me, this woman scares the crap out of him.  

Well, he is in a new school and for the “I want to know you” the teacher must have asked him to write something about his family and what probably clicked in his head is the French part. It is more exotic in Kenya.  

However, during our exchange, I thought that, since his mother according to her belief had him circumcised as a rite of passage, her tribe would have been a better topic.  They are surely more colorful than French.
As far as I know we do not circumcise ten years old as a rite of passage. I even think that’s against the law unless it is for medical or religious reasons.  I am still doubtful about the religious bit but I rather not go into it.     

It is odd but I have a difficult time understanding the concept of circumcision as a rite of passage.  

I remember someone proudly showing me her baby and boasting that her son is a man now because he had just been circumcised.
How could he be a man? He sucks a bottle and does not shave!  

Another one once explained that in his tribe they leave a piece of prepuce hanging.
Ok!  You are YSL and look at mine it is a Giorgio Armani.
Oh! I do not recognize this penis logo. What brand tribe are you?  

Does that mean in get together they show their penis as ID card. Maybe, they dip in blue ink upon voting too and when the winner is decided they bang penis instead of clapping.  

I am seriously at lost with this cultural need for any body modification done on children in our century. I cannot wake up from this nightmare.  It is like a bicycle going around and around in my head. That’s pure madness.  




3 responses to “MY SON’S RITE OF PASSAGE – PART II

  1. ROFL@ I do not recognize this penis logo. What brand, I mean, tribe is this?

    LOL! Great way of shedding humor on a usually serious topic.

  2. Of course this is funny. What isn’t funny about Africans and their little funny customs? Take the Other’s world view, remodel it through the tiny lens of your culture and voila, Monsieur, you have enlightenment. You sir, are not telling the world anything new. Just recycling the same old stereotypes.

    • I welcome your comment. However, Iam BLACK and trust it is ok to have a different opinion than yours on black culture. I am so BLACK that I even wrote a post entitled “To the black on black racist”.

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