I want to be the second one, in tune with the prime Minister of Bhutan, to add happiness on the United Nations Millennium Development Goal.
Music makes me happy and since Africa is my topic, Voila!   


 Nice things are going on the African music scene. The first one, noblesse oblige, is ” Africa: 50 Years of Music: 50 Years of Independence“. It is the biggest collection of African music presented in an 18 CDs set with 183 artists.  Three CD each per geographical zone of the best artists which pioneered the African music of West, Central and East Africa, Portuguese Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Maghreb.  
I truly believe that African music has fared a lot better in 50 years of independence than their governments.  Music is the true ambassador of independence and happiness.     

Maurice Kirya

 As usual French are pro-active when it comes to culture. So, out of 500 entries from Africa, the Indian Ocean and the West Indies, Ugandan musician Maurice Kirya won the 2010 RFI Discoveries Music Award. 
His prize consist of 18,000 Euros to develop his career, a year tour in Africa and a live performance in Paris. He is not new on the musical scene and he realeased his first album ” Misubbaawa” in 2009 .  Please, listen to that song. Believe me, this talented musician deserves the award.      

Danyel Waro / ravine 38

 Danyel Waro from the Reunion, don’t forget this small island behind Madagascar, will be soon awarded the Womex Award 2010 in Copenhagen.  The Womex award honors world musical excellence with social importance. I have put a direct link to one of his live performance. Oh! I forgot! Don’t use his colour as a criteria. He is a proud African.

 For people thinking that African music is only about beating drums then think again because you are wrong!    

l’Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste

Check out, l’Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste conducted by maestro Armand Diangienda Wabasolele from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It is the only Classical Orchestra in Sub-Sahara.    Click on the name of the maestro for a tease. Listen, it is outrageously fantastic!

 Have a nice “any style you want” music day full of happiness.    



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