Eddie Long

 Bishop Eddie Lee Long of the “New Birth Missionary Baptist Church” stands accused of coercing four young men into a homosexual affair.   He is the pastor of a mega church in Atlanta.  Well, I have never been to his or any mega or mini black church in my life, they worry me for the bias they preach about homosexuality. At least Eddie Lee Long does, he is vocal about his homophobia but speechless about  is involvement in a fruit cake affair.     

 Suddenly, I hear voices telling me; “You have no right to talk about us like that! … You don’t belong to our churches! … You are not a Christian! … You aren’t black!”     

 “I am not black?” Now, I have lost my blackness.  That’s what happens when cognitive dissonance hits a religious throng. You are excommunicated!     

 Nothing is new about religious communities and sex. The Catholic Church is facing massive charges of pedophilia and homosexuality among their ranks.  The accusers were silenced, ostracized, vilified then with time the public realized; “Wow that’s true!”     

 Assuming that Eddie Long is gay or bisexual, his alleged actions would be most reprehensible for using his “position” to coerce these young men into homosexual acts. That’s a moral rape with a physical impact!  
A preacher of love for the almighty, actually having alleged man to man oral sex with some emotionally weak young men of his congregation.  He presumably used his body sculpted by his Samson gym to steal sexual gratification from the weakest.      

 “Is he accepting or denying the fact in front of his congregation?”  

 Instead he provides suspense “holy book” style with “I’ve been accused, I’m under attack….but this thing, I’m gonna fight.”… “like David against Goliath…but I’ve got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet.”     

 His congregation sheers. I don’t know why! He has not said what they want to hear … Did you or not do it?     

 They sheer out of reflex.  Maybe they presume him innocent before being judged?     

 It is difficult to gauge a self-righteous mass mesmerized by a man’s charismatic spell waving the holy book’s wand of rightful conservative “beliefs”.     

 The black church perceives homosexuality as a sin and, in my mind, negates human diversity.  That’s black people marginalizing black people etched from a different mold.     

 To what a conversation between Eddie Long and Peter J. Gomes, a gay ordained American Baptist minister and Professor of Theology and Christian Morals at Harvard University’s Divinity School would lead to?
“Repent what? I am born like that”
“No you are not! I can save you, look at my testimonials!”
“Save me from what? That’s me, and what are you?”
“I will divulge it as soon as the court decides.”     

 Personally, I don’t give a hoot about people sexual preference as long as it is between consenting adults.  However, I admire the one out of the closet. It shows character and reconciliation with oneself.     

  The black church was actively involved in the American Civil Right Movement. Does that mean that Bayard Rustin (1912-1987) one of the organizer of the first Freedom Rides during the civil right movement is less than a freedom fighter because of his homosexuality.    

 The banning and burning of books has been an issue with churches.
So, will the black church drop the writings of Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, Lorraine Hansberry and Alice Walker because of their gayness?   

 I hope the black churches will allow me to “Take the “A” train” out of their bigotry.  Understand,  I like Jazz and it was composed by William (Billy) Strayhorn, a gay black musician.     



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