Black Americans and Africans in America do not get along.  One would assume an amicable relationship due to sharing a common ancestry. No, it is a current of uncomfortable dislike and mistrust.

In America during Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X’s era Africa was the mother land, the de-facto resting place of all people with an African DNA.  All wanted to step on the threshold of the door of no-return and back to the ancestral land.
During the renaissance of the 1970-1980’s blacks changed their label to African- Americans.
Then a wave of immigrants from Africa to America became more noticeable, diluting the term African-American and more so when Barrack Obama became  President of the most powerful country on earth.
Obama is a real African-American, his father is African and his mother American, so in this paradox some African-Americans officially reversed to the word black to differentiate themselves.

Recently, I heard someone say; “I am not African-American, Africa is not a country. If I was born in Uganda and now an American Citizen, then I can say I am Ugandan-American.  I am not an African-American, I am black!”

By proxy, with Barrack Obama, Africa, the wretched of poverty, rules the world and black America, the wretched of slavery, has its day of recognition. 

Africans stereotype black Americans as; ghetto, loud, pot smokers, criminals, jobless, ignorant, lazy, rap music, gang bangers, trouble makers, live on welfare, watermelon eaters, suffering from post traumatic slavery syndrome……

  Black American stereotype Africans as; cruel to women, live in huts, walk naked, cowards, polygamists, smelly, speaking with a thick accents, poor, controlling, domineering over women, greedy, dumb, AID carriers, living on trees, rapists ……

  There is nothing more comfortable than to wear, in hot weather, a nice loose boubou with matching babouche for elegance like they do in West Africa.
Give me a nice cold watermelon and I eat it with pleasure and ask for more while listening to Tupac Shakur’s rap music.

Some things will never change and ignorance breed even more ignorant stereotypes. 
Stereotype is a curse for Chinese, Arabs, Russians, Romansh, homosexuals, whites, midgets, fat people, blond hair, rich, Indians, you, me ……

Cultural divide separates all human groups, we all seem better than the other. Like religion, culture breeds misplaced narcissistic belief. 

Assuming the richest and most developed people in the world were blacks, the “other” world will want to emulate them. White would be an evil colour and all humans will want to bronze their shade to the darkest hue, silicone their butt for a full rounded look, kink or dread their hair, brown their blue eyes and surgically flatten their straight nose.

A black baby will be more beautiful than a white one because superiority rules. No one wants to sit and know each others. Stupidity rules!

There are lots of things I would like to eradicate.  Definitely, culture together with its entire thingamajig is among the top five on my list.



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