Armand Tungulu Mudiandambu

Armand Tungulu Mudiandambu throws one stone at President Kabila motorcade, he is arrested, then found dead in his cell of a presumed suicide.  He alledgedly hanged himself with a piece of cloth used as a pillow.  Well, if you believe that, you are then the definition of naïve in the dictionary.

I was not aware that holding cells have pillows in Africa. Africa is renowned not to give basic amenities to their prisoners until a brain storm, in the name of damage control, came up with the idea of pillow.

A man insults Sarkozy with “get lost asshole” (a mild translation) then go on with his business. A journalist flings a shoe at G. W. Bush and a deranged man breaks some of Silvio Berlusconi’s teeth.  The aggressors received sentences according to the laws of the country in which it happened. None received a death penalty from a pillow.

Armand Tungulu Mudiandambu is dead because he perpetrated his act in the very, very, very “Democratic” Republic of Congo (“D”RC) of which Dapper Dan Joseph Kabila is the president.

"War bus"

Joseph Kabila aka “War Bus” only achievement, so far, is his appointment as the youngest president in the world, at age 29, after the assassination of this father in 2001.

His curriculum vita is full of hobbies; fashion, motorcycles, computer games and kung-fu movies. Also, he has been academically “challenged” with a cyberspace Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Diplomacy from the long distance Washington International University

Long distance learning is so convenient, a smart guy does all your work then you get the diploma.

He is so enlightened that he pulls into his government a son and a former minister of Mobutu Sese Seko; François Joseph Nzanga Mobutu Ngbangawe and Alexis Thambwe Mwamba.  I have to give honor by mentioning their full names.

Kabila ‘s Army and Security force is an A to Z of atrocities. The independent media and human rights organizations are endanger species.  The man behind the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy has no control over anything and he is, again, running for president in 2011. I am still looking for the completed projects of reconstruction and democratization.  I can’t find them! 

Armand Tungulu Mudiandambu’s death is an atrocity.  Kabila re-election is another atrocity in the making.

Update: A book was thrown at president Obama.  In this case the culprit was an author wanting to give a copy of his book to the president.  He is an Obama supporter and meant no harm, except, instead of sending his gift by mail; he found it more appropriate to throw it at him. The man was interrogated by the Secret Service and released.

Guess what?  The book thrower is still alive!



  1. This is beyond shame . I thought when Mobutu Sese Seiko was gone that there was hope for the Congo. There are too many inmoral and corrupt, criminal leaders on the continent of Africa. I like your blog and how you write.

  2. I have a few reservations about the circumstances surrounding his death too. This is such a sad story that has shocked the Congolese community around the world.

    • Waiki – I feel the same way. Also, do not forget that Kabila rides around with a ton of armed security. A stone would do little damage to his motorcade.

    • So sad. But the guy knew he was going to die. First, you have to be out of your mind to throw a stones on an african convoy, he didn’t even realise that many people could have been killed because of him. He didn’t even care. What if… a stone to day, a grenade tomorrow,… we are tired of all of you, hate you, the diasporat as well as the president J.K. himself. We are waiting for all of you to come back and fight like intellectuals and not like animals, and if not stay where you are, shut up, we don’t need your charity.
      La résistance Congolaise au RDCongo

      • mayandjili

        I understand what you mean but there’s no resistance, not even any sign of it in Congo. In the diaspora, we organize rallies and shit! It’s more difficult for the diaspora to come back and “fight like intellectuals” than it is for those living in Congo to stand up and fight.
        People in Congo are used to the silence, even the death of a man with a stone doesn’t move them. They murmur for a minute or two then go back to their daily routine, unable to organize any protest…
        Why can’t we stand like South African school kids stood in Soweto? or like Chinese students stood in that big square?
        Haven’t we suffered enough yet? or has our suffering, hunger and division made us unable to unite and stand, knowing that any revolution against a tyrannic class requires blood?

  3. On allait vraiment te chicoter à mort à la SIRCO. Chercher sa mort de ette façon dans un régime comme le nôtre, c’est très insensé “une perte gratuite d’une vie humaine”. Au temps de Ngbanda & co, les militaires allaient ouvrir le feu à tout ce qui bouge dans les parrages.
    Bon nombre d’entre vous filles, fils, frères, soeurs, femmes, maîtresses,… d’anciens mouvenciers, ne se souciait pas du bien être de la population. La plupart d’entre eux se trouve en Europe entrain de souffrir et regretter, payer du mal qu’avait fait vos parents à la population. Kabila ne sera pas aussi exclu de ce groupe là.

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