I love perfume and strange enough, very long time ago, one of my favorite was Vetiver by Guerlain. I am sure you know Habit Rouge, Chamade and Aqua Allegoria Angelique Lillas all from Guerlain and developed by Jean-Paul Guerlain a descendant of the founder of the famous perfume house Guerlain.

Now, I trust you heard what Jean-Paul Guerlain said, on 15 October, talking about his Samsara perfume on the television network France 2.
You don’t know?
Here it is;

“Pour une fois, je me suis mis à travailler comme un nègre. Je ne sais pas si les nègres ont toujours tellement travaillé, mais enfin…”
“For once, I started working like a nigger. I do not know if niggers have always worked so hard, but finally …”

The moron with an educated nose whose knowledge never reached the brain used the word Nigger in a negative and pejorative way. I cannot financially reward stupidity and bigotry.

Suddenly, I have developed an instant dislike for anything Guerlain and will boycott all their products. I will make sure that all my friends and acquaintances do the same.

Two French organizations are bringing a law suit regarding Jean-Paul Guerlain’s racial slur; “SOS Racisme” an organization against racism and “Le Cran” a black association.

For me Guerlain no more!



One response to “BOYCOTT GUERLAIN

  1. SOS racism stinks!

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