Rachida Dati on 23 april 2007.

Rachida Dati

According to Freud, in Wikipedia, a lapsus or slip of the tongue is a missed deed that hides an unconscious desire.
It is plausible and wonders if that’s recently the case with French politicians.

Brice Hortefeux, the Interior Minister, used the word “genital print” instead of genetic print.
Hortefeux is lapsus happy.In Mali, for their 50 years of independence, he called on President Sékou Touré.
Mali was offended; Sékou Touré who died in March 1984 was a tyrant who killed thousands of people under his regime.
Their president’s name is Amadou Toumani Touré. The real Sékou Touré is still laughing in his grave.

Luc Chatel, in an interview, explained his difficulties as Prime Minister.  All Prime Minister have problems.
However, Luc Chatel is the French Minister for Education.
At least he noticed, made the correction, then continued with his portfolio on education.

The lapsus which is the topic of all Paris conversation is from Rachida Dati, former Justice Minister, who stated that “some are requesting a rate of return of 20% with an almost non-existent fellatio.”  Of course, her mind was about inflation but her mouth is into fellatio.
Libidinous, yes but things happen!
That’s France, the country of French kisses and ménage à trois.
During Sarkozy campaign she said “Sarkozy wishes to be the boss… euh…the president of France”.
It was revealing, with so many strikes in his hands, and trust that Sarkozy realized that French cannot be bossed.

One of my favorite is from Deputy Robert-André Vivien during a discussion on a forthcoming pornographic law.
He invited his colleague to “harden their sex” instead of hardening their text (proposal).
I understand, it could have been Viagra’s side effect.

Recently, Bernard Accoyer, president of the National Assembly, welcomed the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council, with a loud « Mevlüt Ceausescu ».
The man is Turk, his name is Mevlüt Cavusoglu.
Ceausescu, first name Nicolae, is a former Romanian Dictator. He was executed, together with his wife, on Christmas day.

Anyway, good advice, do not travel to France now; rampant demonstrations, transports and fuel is scarce and some schools are closed due to the chaos.
For tourism it may stress you as much as the politicians.

I was there, in Paris, during the massive demonstrations which paralyzed France in May 1968.  I enjoyed not going to school, watching barricades, people throwing cobble stones at policemen and policemen running after demonstrators.
Then my grand mother ordered me to stay home. It was nice, for the first time I spend weeks watching TV without any restrictions.



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