The phone rings, my mother pick up the phone.
She listens without saying anything.
Who is this?
She put her index finger across her lips to keep me quiet.… That’s Obama! She replies.
That’s nice she received a “personal” recorded call from the president of the USA.
After 3 minutes she hangs up and tells me that he wants her to vote in the forthcoming public officials’ election. Also, she received a postcard from her president, addressed to Dear… with the last paragraph;
” You made the difference in 2008. You put away any cynicism and raised your voice and cast a vote for change.
I ask you to do it again.
President Barack Obama”

Wow! The PR companies are making millions. My mother is a democrat, a Obama supporter and she will vote. My step-father is the same. 
In this house, Obama will get 2 votes.
Are they voting for Obama because he is a democrat? No!
Are they voting for Obama because he is black? Yes!

Do they listen and watch the political shows? Yes and they are confused about the democrats and republicans speeches. They no longer see what set these two parties apart. Their only understanding is that Obama is in trouble.
Their inner souls say save him!

I have difficulties in understanding this logic. The logic that Barrack Hussein Obama as president of the USA must give favors to black America because of his race. I am color blind when it comes to politic, all I care is about growth. Growth in the economy, jobs, opportunities… 

I judge politicians by tangible positive growth performances. Everyone wants to see growth in their wallet, tables, jobs, community, cities and country. It makes everyone happy and less grouchy.

“My name is Barrack Hussein Obama and I am a true African-American.” Well, everyone agrees, and his skin color is the only common ground he has with black Americans.
He was not raised in a family suffering from post slavery syndrome, his childhood religious knowledge is outside the pews of black Baptist churches and his education is from some of the most selective Universities of America.

America ethnic majority voted him in as a protest against the Bush Administration and on the strength of his charisma, oratory skills, messages of hope and changes. So did black America but with the added relief of reaching the goal of recognition on their race equality struggle.

Barrack Obama, the elected president of the most powerful nation on earth, is by proxy the flag carrier of the black minority and he must make them proud in order for them to reach the ultimate goal of recognition.

In mid-term of his four years presidency, the economy is fatigued and the fizzles of the American dream is somehow flat. Race relations are uneasy and Obama’s popularity polls point down.
The most affected by a recessing economy, providing few opportunities and jobs, are the one at the lower end of the tipping scale.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic the ethnic majority recorded a fairly stable unemployment rate for 2010 while the rate for blacks has the highest increases. I checked it and I am baffled.
Minorities are feeling the recession with more home foreclosures, longer welfare queues and less financial stability.

A black woman said during a town meeting with Barrack Obama “I’m an American veteran, and I’m one of your middle class Americans. And quite frankly, I’m exhausted, exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for. And deeply disappointed with where we are right now.”
She scolded him in the same manner she would scold her child bringing home a bad report card.
Obama’s bad notes frayed her mantle of the historical recognition her race is longing for.
But, politic is a jungle were poor absorb punches and the rich pinches.

Well, the answers are that we are in America. Obama does not favor a tribe over another. He is not my president but our president. However, let’s be factual. The global financial crisis did not come with a stroke of a magic wand the day of his election, nor the Guantanamo prisoners and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. These problems are inheritances from the previous government.

Politic is an opportunistic business where the job of the opposition is to taunt, deepen the wound of stumbles and criticize normal demeanor as weakness. Unfortunately, with Obama any faults are added fingers of reproaches poking at the black community.

So, here we are and patience is thin, especially when coping with life struggles. It is excruciating when you are black, poor and further stigmatize by an ethnic majority telling you “Your president cannot perform!” He is no longer “our” president but “your” president.

America is obliged to wait another two years to know their fate and for blacks to grade the success or failure of recognition. Anything in beween is politic as usual.
Yes, it is precarious but in the meantime all Americans are floating on the same platform.

Barrack Hussein Obama must be judged on his performance and, at this moment, it is disastrous for the poor who are mostly black but politic is a game of collateral damages. It is sad but poor are always at the wrong end of any collateral damage.

Personally, I do not think Obama represents blacks. His culture belongs to the majority, the educated white upper class. His color is absolutely irrelevant, I consider it a metaphor.



One response to “OBAMA IS IN TROUBLE

  1. Nice post. President Obama is being blamed for a whole bunch of things that require more time to fix.
    Obama reperesents different things to many people:To some African Americans he is a black man; to Latinos, he is a man of mixed origins; to Afro Latinos, he is a mulatto; to Muslims, he is the son of a Muslim; to white Americans, he is the son of a white woman; to continental Africans, he is the son of an African; to other minorities like Asians, he represents the dream they aspire; to young people, he is a youthful man having the voice of change , and I could go on and on.
    On the other hand, he also has many enemies who do not see him in good light:To some African Americans, he is the son of an African and not one of them; some blacks even hate him because he is light skinned and not dark skinned;to some whites,he is a black man, not born in the States who is a Muslim and and should not be in the White House;to Republicans(both blacks and whites), he is a liberal or even a socialist who want take America on a communist path; to radical Muslims, he has abandoned Islam(although Obama was never a Muslism). I also could go on and on with this.

    Days before Obama’s Inaugural celebration, the indigenous people(Los Aymaras) from the Andes had a huge ancestral ritual asking Mama Pacha(the Earth )to bless him. I will behonest, they would not have done this for a white American man nor even for a white Latino. Even they realized Obama needed special powers for the task ahead of him.
    We must be fair, it is too early to judge Obama because he requires more time to finish his job.
    Un cordial saludos,

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