At the horizon the new super power, China, is galloping with its striving economy and political influence. China is 1.3 billion strong with the largest army in the world.

When the dust settles down the world will be breathing, working, thinking, behaving “Made in China”.

The group of G-20 meets, next week in Seoul, South Korea, and will conference, deliberate, speech on the state of the global economy, trade and currency fluctuations.

Actually, they will discuss our future. They will gossip about us the little worker ants of the human race. They will decide how we shall work, get food, earn money, invest and all other things which should make us happy.
Actually, China at the G-20 meeting will be the groom looking for brides in its ascension to economic nirvana.

I have not much power,nor anyone,  in the G-20 close door meetings. All I can do is read and enjoy or not the press releases according to my moods. 
I have reservations in China being the next super power.  My worry is China’s lack of Human rights, freedom of expression and religion, protection of minorities and other values allowing us being special ants.

My ethic is; make an honest buck but don’t break backs, marginalize or abuse while doing it.

The Chinese government does not care about workers as long as they acquire the goods they need for the growth of their economy.
Some do not mind being ants, but they want to be free ants, ants with uniqueness.  They want their minds to explore avenues and not being dictated avenues. They want to choose, right or wrong and the path of their life.
People should have a right to voice dissent without fear of imprisonment, the right to freely congregate to places of worship and listen to religious leaders proclaiming words of their faith and not government ideologies.
Mongols, Tibetans and Uyghur should be protected minorities not forcefully hidden or diluted by an influx of Han majority robotically in tune with the little red book.
Chinese newspaper’s should be allowed editorials and opinions about the pros and cons of policies, laws and environmental changes affecting citizens.
All sides should be heard and allowed to partake in decision process.
Chinese should exercise the right of being outrageous as long as they do not offend or hurt. Maybe, like having two kids instead of one.  
Chinese should have access to Facebook and Blog to their heart delight without checking if sentences are within an approved dictated ideology.
China should not exploit mineral by giving carrots to corrupt leaders or kill foreign workers defying authority.
I want Liu Xiaobo, Nobel Prize winner, to tell me about Tiananmen Square. I want someone to tell me why being a coal miner in China is more dangerous than in any other part of the world.

The G-20 only wants to make money.  They don’t care about the way worker ants feel. They care about the small percentage of individuals holding the full 85% of the world riches and China.



One response to “G-20 MADE IN CHINA

  1. As usual. Very interesting. However I found chinese groom a new bride.. Made in india. Second biggest upcoming nation. Who knows… One day it may be Made in Chindia.

    Hope you’re well. Wish you a Happy Diwali.


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