1930 – MY MOTHER

"At the bus station, Durham, North Caroli...

Bus Station - Durham, North Carolina

Tomorrow, Sunday, my mother will be 80 years old.  She is born in France in 1930 and now lives in the America.

Out of curiosity, I look into what was going on the year of her birth.  They were interesting times to say the least.

In 1930 the average income, in America, was almost $2,000 per year or $160 per month. Not much but the basic price of a new car was $600 and gasoline was 10 cents per gallon.  If you wanted to show off you could buy a top of the range Chrysler for $2000.

The price of a standard new house was $7,000 to $8,000 and rental was $15 per month. Tuition at Harvard University was $400 per year.

In these days, I must mention it since I like cooking, the price of a Magic Chef stove, one of the best and made in America, was $195. For food shopping $1.45 buys you a gallon of milk, a pound of beef, sugar, coffee, one loaf of bread and 1 dozen eggs. Also, during the same year they started to commercially sale frozen food.

Donald Duck and Betty Boop started their screen début while Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood and Steve Mc Queen were sleeping in their baby cot.  

The first football world cup started in 1930 and Lucien Laurent, a short (5’4”) French man, scores the first FIFA goal against Mexico.

Everything was nice then?

Wrong! It was the year after the stock market crash and the era of the Great Depression and unemployment was sky-high and manufacturing slump rock bottom. The year 1930 welcomed the sad era of the 30’s.

In Europe the Nazi party headed by Hitler rises to power in Germany. The a boat full of German Jewish refugees is denied asylum in USA, Canada and Cuba and must return to Germany.

In America the Jim Crow laws were doing well and blacks were “separated but equal” almost the same way Jews were during Germany’s Nuremberg laws. The difference is when the Nuremberg laws stopped with the death of Nazism, Jim Crow laws kept on trucking for many more decennia.

The Jim Crow law kept away Hattie Mc Daniel to the première of the film “Gone with the wind” in Atlanta, Georgia. She was born from former slaves and became the first black woman to win an Academy award as best supporting actress in 1939.

Of course, her role was as a maid but the movie was about the Deep South wasn’t!

Then my mother’s father, my grand father, in 1939, was enlisted in the army

WW2 French soldier weeping

when France, together with part of the British Empire and the Commonwealth, declared war against Germany who had invaded Poland.
I could write so many things about the 30’s. At least my mother made it to reach her 80th anniversary.  That’s what matters to me.

Abyssinia! Sorry, it is slang for ‘I’ll be seeing you” in the 30’s.



One response to “1930 – MY MOTHER

  1. Salut toi,

    Say hello to your mum and wish her Happy Birthday for me. Would have loved to meet her. Who knows… one of these days maybe….I went to Nairobi for Thomas’ s control and called you … but of course your phone was off. Are you still in Durham or are you in Nairobi. Anyway, from what I’m reading… you’re having fun over there, especially in supermarket. I understand you… And continue having fun.
    i’m glad for you and for your Mum
    hug her for me
    luv you

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