Entrance to the Medical Center at Duke University

Medical Center -Duke University

 “Scandal of Kenyan Universities without a single professor.” Another scandal, nothing new.

Kenya, like most African countries, makes rules or laws then spends time working around them.

It is un-African to take the right, ethical or legal paths on anything, sadly, even in education.

The article states that Kenya churn out bachelors and master degrees in universities which do not have one professor.  Classes are taught by their peers, meaning the brightest of the class teaches their fellow students. Like some African governments, universities are on auto-pilot.

The University of Nairobi, largest in Kenya, has 22000 students with 110 professors, one professor for every 200 students.

Duke University in North Carolina has 12800 students with 1338 professors.  That’s one professor for every 10 students.

The United States International University (USIU) in Kenya has 4706 students with 14 professors, a ratio of professor to students lower than the University of Nairobi.
But, if your family name is not branded your Alma Mater’s name is of great help in job hunting.  You have the financial means then USIU is the way to go.

Anyway, the best jobs in Africa are not provided on academic credentials but on daddy’s name  and how well the family recycled the laundered money stolen, from the state coffer, acquiring them a legitimate place in society.

The Kenyan government is powerless to redress universities issues because “public universities are independent entities formed by an Act of Parliament, and the power of the commission to curb sub-standard practices is limited.”

So many learning institutions work like diploma mills.  Learning is the future of a society but also a business. Business is brisk but I am not convinced the diplomas are worth their values. Diplomas surely look good hanged on walls.

Kenya, in 2010, has a score of 2.1 over 10 on the corruption perception index while the lowest score of 1.1 belongs to Somalia.
Should I say more about Education in Kenya?

I mean in Africa you can put a uniform and assume the role of doctor, policeman, contractor, chef, pharmacist and whatever else you want to be without ever going to school.

Africa does not have the monopoly in such con games, it is only more common.

I asked a “Chef” once to devein prawns.  He cut a slit on the belly of the crustacean yet the digestive track is on the back.
 “Who taught you to do that?”
 “I learned it in school!” he answered.

Interesting to know that, in Kenya with no or little professors, it takes 5 to 6 years to become a medical doctor.

In USA and France it takes 10 to 12 years to acquire the same title. Visualize, you finish school at 18 and become a doctor at 30.

In Kenya you are a doctor at 24 or three years after drinking legal ages in some US States. I believe it is the same for lawyers. So think, a lawyer barely fresh out of puberty arguing a divorce case.

I hear Kenya wants a nuclear plant to generate electricity.
Would you live in a city, close to a nuclear plant, built by graduates taught by absentee professors?
Same here too! Show me the exit. Please, where is the exit?

The co-pilot of Kenya Airways flight 507 who crashed in Douala killing 114 people aboard was 23 years old with one year experience in that company. I assume he became co-pilot of a Boeing 737-800 at age 22.

They are looking for a school bus driver, in Raleigh , and the  minimum age requirement is 23.



One response to “UNIVERSITY EDUCATION IN KENYA – ahahahah!

  1. Patrick Schlageter

    I will like to argue the experience between an advocate and an pilote in this article.
    An advocate will need many case in court to become a good one. How many court case can you do per day?
    A good pilote need many hours of flight to get experience.
    You blame a co-pilote because of an accident. In extreme wheater condition is the capitaine how will handle the control and he will tell the co-pilote what to do and generaly he will do the radio comunication, handling flaps etc… because an airplan can be piloted only by one pilote.

    Now in my knowlege you can begine to learn to fly at the age of 16′ and finalyse your first brevet at 17′ if am not wrong in the 1970 in USA you was able to be a co-pilote in a DC-9 with 200 or 300 hours of experience including the calification and for your first PPA you need 45 hours so is remaining 155 hours to be a co-pilote.
    The are air plane accident some time is because (money drive the woeld) the reason is from the management of the company to make economy. For example and well know is a BA arriving in UK landed before the runway. The reason was because he wsa short on fuel and it was not a thechnical problem, but a company like BA as to cover him self to do the better incom, and if you go on many history of accident you will find this kind of shit.
    Even Air Force 1 as be find with no genuine mechanical part because somebody wonted to make money.
    Late me give all my respect to all capitaine how are able to tell the direction of a company that he need 1 – 2 or more tone more of fuel for the safety of there clients or to tell the company I will flye 1 or more hours because the wheater is not safe for proper fhight.
    Shit to those how just wont to have a small increase of salary and risk there life and hundred of other.
    Cheers+++ Patrick

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