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Yayhia Jammeh of Gambia

 I mention a lot Kenya, in East Africa, but suddenly my attention focused on the Gambia. I have never been to Gambia but in Senegal I never heard anything good about it.  Senegalese consider Gambia a renegade country full of contrabands, paradoxes and horror stories.

I have a soft spot for Senegal allowing a few Haitian students, after the earthquake, to finish their university studies in his country.

President Abdoulaye Wade is not a saint; he built an atrocious 50 meters statue representing “African Renaissance” at a cost of 26 millions Euros while his people live in poverty and nurtures his son Karim as the next president.

So my soft spot is only about him accepting Africa’s role in the atrocities of the slave trade.

The Gambia, a peanut exporter of less than 2 millions citizens, smack inside Senegal, is the smallest country in Africa.

The majority of its citizen live in poverty thanks to their president Yayhia Jammeh.  I am sorry he likes to be called by his full title His Excellency the President Sheik Professor Alhaji Doctor Yahya Jammeh. I understand his university credentials, nothing new in Africa, are bogus.

Some Gambian elders, old uneducated morons stuck in an era of stone-age rules, a culture of bush wars and slave trades, want to have this lunatic, probably delusional, 45 years old pudgy potion doctor crowned a king.

He is the only president and potion doctor in the world able to cure AID with a secret rub down concocted with magic bananas.

This quack, sorry but my keyboard refuses typing his full title, has been in power since 1994 and is running again in 2011.

Some good news; his wife Zineb Jammeh ran away, in September, to the USA with their two children. So, there is no worry for the moment in having the brood taking over daddy’s job.

I am sure the wife, stashed enough money to be financially liberated until her old days.
I don’t think she will come back; her husband is in love and already took a third wife, Alima Sallah age 21, last October. Yes, you are reading third wife.

Anyway, the elders want to have the quack crowned king as “a sign of gratitude for a leader who has done a lot for his country.

The elders are probably using the financial report painting the country as a tourist’s paradise and a visionary powerhouse in economic growth.  The official country agenda is full of the president “will do” and polite about the “has done”.

The president “has done” on human development is preposterous

Gambia found a very African solution to press freedom by nationalizing the media, jailing journalists and instituting punitive laws conducing to praise and love of the president and its entourage.   He has publicly threatened with death Human right activists and on 20 May 2008 gave 24 hours for gays to leave the country and threaten them with beheading if arrested and closure of any hotels providing them services.

He seems that he has avoided half a dozen, real and unreal, attempts to have him dethroned. The last one was last year, 2009, and like Mugabe he blames the UK for plotting against him. Mugabetitis is contagious.

Looney tune mystic man voiced his wish to govern Gambia for the next 40 years.  Ok, then he may as well be king.

Going royal is cheaper than running election. It avoids the headache of looking for innovative ways to cheat. You know, buying votes or stuffing urns.

Of course, that’s déjà vu! Gambia is in Africa isn’t!




  1. I am so fed up with some of the foolishness coming out of Africa. I am old enough to remember Bokassa who changed his homeland -Central Africa ,from a republic to a monarchy.He spent large sum of his country’s money on his coronation. This fool in Gambia must be a reincarnated Bokassa.

    I don’t understand how some people cannot see that things are just not working and change should be imminent. Somalis are another strange set of people.Here you have a people waiting for the Arabs to direct them into only what God knows . Mind now, the Arabs treat them like dirt.

    A Saudi prince was jailed in London for killing his black male servant. It appears that the prince was sexually involved with his male servant. The servant appeared to have been either a Somali or a Sudanese or maybe even a Saudi of African descent.
    Many Somalis have been trying to enter the United States through Central America and have become stranded in Panama, and at the border, they ask for asylum. The authorities in Panama arrests them and keep them for a long period of time in jail. Some of the racist Panamanian elites even insult the Somalis by making statements like : “Don’t come here, you are different from us.”
    Let me tell you that there is a sizeable and prosperous Arab/Muslim population living in Panama and not one of them have come to the rescue of the Somali /Muslims.
    It is the regular Panamanian Catholic people (el pueblo) who speak up to defend the Somalis.
    If African nations don’t experience any major change promptly, we may as well soon just write some of them off as History, and stashed what is written about them under the label “Those who could not make it, or did not get it” .

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