SMS lernN cNtR

No "SMS language" symbol

It is not OK

“how u doing it been a long time that we talked ahhhhhhh………how can i start i might go see u 1 of these days be4 my bday i think but ima so go cant wait my friend is going to dive me ova there hope its soon well hope to see u soon” 

No, this is not a sms but an e-mail which I received.  Yes, some people write in sms language.  The media in issuing the information may be wrong but the language, I assume, is somewhat correct.

Actually, sms language is eco friendly; it uses less space, is worthless to print and consequently save paper and ultimately trees;  Squrl  🙂 sms cuz sms sAv 3z.

Imagine a newspaper headline: “Gr8 nuz prez Obama R8ng goin ^”.  Isn’t better than “Great news, president Obama ratings are going up”. It is space saving and in the same time creates new brain stimulating games.

Like crosswords or Sudokus we can have sms-gAm.  Translating regular English phrases in short text messaging. It is not easy since sms language is a combination of letters, numbers and symbols;
hldmecls for hold me close
911 for emergency call
(> for a slice of pizza

It may be a great new exciting game for young sms students. Since learning does call for hunger, after play send them out 4 a buger @ Mcdo. Datz BetA thN etN @ om. I hEr dat Papa John (> w lot of chez R v gud.

Sms provides new opportunities and possibilities for business and learning; sms dictionaries, sms literature 101, sms transl8n, sms holy buk, sms skul and lernN cNtR .  That’s stuff is great! Sorry, datz stuff iz gr8!

We must standardize sms language and make it universal.

Now, I notice the received e-mail needs correction. Let me edit as it should appear sent via mobile communication;
“How u doing it bin a lng tym dat we talked ah… how cn I stRt i mite go c u 1 of tEz dAz b4 my bday i tink but ima so go cnt w8t my frNd iz goin 2 dive me ova ther hOp its s%n wEl hOp 2 cU s%n.”

Notice, I have not corrected the grammatical errors. Sms language is without grammar, it emphasizes the intellectual purity of the author’s thought process.   The thought process is pure due to removal of cohesive learning polluting the brain with knowledge.

No! It is not a joke, the e-mail is real. I am scare to meet that person.  I feel intellectually challenged.

How cn I teL him dat sms lngwij iz not 4 email. We mA hav Nuttin 2 sA but L%k @ Ech othR & drink Cofy.



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