The Tea Party has invaded “Dancing with the stars”.  Can you believe, Brandy the singer, a star who stretches her legs to the sky lost against Bristol Palin.

Yes, Bristol one of Sarah Palin’s brood who collected for being a disaster, a row of lowest dancing scores from the judges, won. Thanks to mommy’s Tea Party internet friends

No, it is not the people choices since one can vote as many times as they want.  The conservative tea-pot heads spend their time cyber-voting, ensuring that Miss Bristol pudgy Palin wins. A stress man got so irate that he shot his TV with a rifle when he heard she had been voted in the final.

I don’t know for whom the Tea Party poopers voted for. They are confused, DWTS is a show about dancing skills and has nothing to do with politic.

Sarah Palin was not in it.  No! It was her daughter the ham-hock thick legged, can’t move an inch, no rhythm and Alaska cold ice Bristol Palin.

The tea party has politicized DWTS and that’s the type of brew the Tea Party wants to gobble down the throat of the mass?

Also, I blame DWTS.  The title of the show is Dance with the STARS.

When ham-hock Bristol did acquired the title of star?

She only finished high school and her notoriety is based on having a child at seventeen.

Two horny Alaskan teenagers get a kids and that’s stardom. In Middle America it is welfare line.

Sarah Palin can’t control her brood and she wants to run for presidency in 2012.

The Tea Party is screwing up everything.  They have done it with a simple matter like DWTS and next in line are the democrats, the American presidency and the world for that matter.

I don’t want to live in a Palin’s world. She does not know geography, her history is in books no one wrote, she is void of intellectual curiosity, she can’t spell and can’t stop talking with a high pitch voice. She has all the tools to irritate and even bears run away from her.

Forget about DWTS, I want to see real dance, not people cheating you they can dance.  The show is Tea Party rigged.

Brandy won. So, hey! I don’t need to see the rest dancing with ham-hock Bristol.



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