After 3 weeks in the US, I still acquaint with their politic. Not hard to understand.  The prominent parties are the Democrat and the Republican.

The Democratic Party favors the mass and the underdog. The Republican Party believes that only the strongest should survive.

Then politicians belonging to any party can lean left or right. Left emphasizes your mother’s ideas (liberal) of what a family should be. The Right (conservative) your father’s ideas on what you should do once you leave the family.

Also, they have caucuses. Like minded people forming group representing their common interest. You have Black caucus, Hispanic caucus and others which are not only based on races but ideas, issues or principles.

Both parties had triumphs and agonies. The Democratic most recent triumph is electing a Black man as president and the Republican getting a massive gain in the mid-term election.

In America partisans are another phenomenon. Partisans are self-righteous obnoxious non-thinkers believing their party can do no wrong. Truth is distorted and lies believed without compromise.

Partisans have their own propaganda; MSNBC news for the Democrats and Fox news for Republicans.

Believe me, both TV channels are an overload of political junk food of misinformation to the delight of partisans.

Republicans are very strong in partisan politic. They listen to show hosted by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Lee Beck and Sarah Palin.

These motor mouths are obnoxious since America has a Black president.  The innuendos based on race are rife, borderline indecent, wicked subtle connotations that only white are Americans with the supreme know how to govern.

Rush Limbaugh last antics is a graffiti of Obama on Mount Rushmore, Glenn Beck believes the president does not like white people and Sarah Palin on Obama during her vice presidential campaign; “This is not a man who sees America like you and I see America”.

Sarah Palin’s family is a mix lot of homophobic and untalented daughters pushed to the limelight due to their mother’s participation in politic and the famous Tea Party movement.

Hold on! Is the tea party racist? No it’s not if you are white, Christian and did not go to government schools.  They have nice ways to show discontent to opponents by spitting on them and heckling them nigger or faggot. Isn’t somehow reminiscent of the KKK era?

Sarah Palin said she has a chance to beat Obama for the presidential election in 2012. Can you believe a woman who spells repudiate “refudiate”, does not remembers the newspaper she reads (probably none), her foreign policy experience is seeing Russian from Alaska, use ghost writers for her books and supports abstinence-before-marriage. Her teenage daughter Bristol got pregnant at 16 and is still single.

“Yes, there will be a new sheriff in town” and that’s what the new congress member and Tea Party leader Michele Bachmann said.

If the sheriff gets her way together with the conservative Republicans and their single-minded partisans … think about it … re-read your Jim Crow laws and get along with the program.

Is it the way of the white folks?




  1. Very good way to sum it all up in a nutshell!


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