I like America but Americans are a weird lot; they dissect for days every lines of political speeches, they cult personalities, cheers giant men playing basketball and watch television as a hobby.

Also, they are lily-livered and wimpish, everything scares them; a strong wind is a hurricane, smokers smoke outside their houses to protect smoke alarms and athletes wear padding and helmets to play a rugby called football.

A loud body-boom in a public place and alarms go off, sniffer dogs search trails, helicopters, snipers position on roof tops and you become 6 o’clock news.

A week pass and anti body-boom food is for sale, new regulations in place and books are published on body-boom preventions.

Then they issue profiling on body-boomers; big stomach, eating ethnic food, milk shake, spice and bean lover. They criminalize a mass for the actions of a few.

I am not Arab or Muslim but I know what security thinks, seeing me at airports or in public places.  Yes, profiling teaches people that if you not a WASP then you are a terrorist. My profile is criminal.

Wow! Check it out an Ayrab.  First of all it is Arab with an A like in apple.  Arabs come in many shapes, colors and some sport the Aryan looks.

There are no Arabs in Eye’ran or Eye’rak. But some do live in two places pronounced E’ran and E’rak. Ok, see the map, here… that’s Iran and Iraq.

While at it, Paris is pronounced Paree. Yes! French language, like English, can be awkward but only one Paris exists in France, not more, so forget about the S.
In Paris, Texas, they don’t speak French.

Not all Arabs are Muslims. Arab pertains to ethnicity and Muslim to religion.

Not all Muslims are terrorists. If it was the case, the world would be in trouble considering it is the second religion in the world with over 1.57 billion believers.

I know, someone will tell me that all terrorist are Muslims.
Guess what! What is so Arab or Muslim in the terrorism of Ireland with the Real IRA, in France and Spain with ETA, Mexico and Columbia with the drug lords?

The USA is not among the 10 countries pelted with the most terrorist attacks.
You have more chance of a terrorist attack in Spain, Greece, France and UK than on the North American continent.

In France and UK they had terrorist attacks in the underground trains. They don’t body scan, pad down or profile every person going in or shut down the transit system when someone forgets a bag of groceries on their way home.

Why all these? Because profiling is Doodle-Dee-Dum, racist, bias and makes ME feel like a criminal because of the way I look.

Ease up, the world is not colored America. 



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  1. Excellent commentary!


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