President Barack Hussein Obama is loaded with problems in America and his paternal grandmother, Granny the 3rd, is doing her best to add fuel to the fire

Granny; aka Sarah Obama, Sarah Ogwell, Sarah Hussein Obama, Sarah Anyango Obama and Sarah Omar Obama is president Barack Hussein Obama third grandmother.

“Can the real third paternal grand-mother stand up?”
“Look! At think that’s the one.”

She is a grandmother with no DNA but she acquired the pedigree by being number three in the marriage line with Obama’s paternal grandfather.  Yes, Obama’s father is from the polygamist Luo tribe where a traditional family has more wives than husbands.

Anyway, as a devout Muslim she was invited by Saudi Arabia, for the Hajj Pilgrimage in Mecca, together with five of her family members and now informs the world that Obama should convert to Islam.

Granny Obama is a Muslim and president Obama is “who the heck knows” according to American polls.  The unwritten rule in American politic is that you can be whatever you want but being a Muslim is un-American.

A true American according to the old rules is a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) and Obama is a Black African-American who-the-heck-knows (BAA?)
Granny goofed the first time by saying that she was present at the hospital during his birth in Kenya.
Now, Granny makes matter worse by wanting him to be a Black African-American Muslim… BAAM!

Granny should learn how to keep her opinions and leave her “grandson” alone and enjoy all the nepotistic amenities given to her by the Kenyan government and elites for being Granny III.
Except for the misappropriation of $120,000 from the usual local kleptomaniac for a tourist center celebrating the birth place of Obama’s absent father; she was gifted with:

  • An honorary Doctor of Letters by the Great Lakes University of Kisumu. Do not ask me which letters she doctored.  All, I know is that she is fluent in Luo and she does need a translator for English. However, since Kenyan like acronyms on business cards she can add on hers “PHD from Great LUK.”
  • She has improved roads, boreholes and police security in her homestead while the rest have dirt path, no water and no security.
  • She is a goodwill ambassador for the eradication of tsetse fly and trypanosomiasis from Africa. I don’t know the word for trypanosomiasis in Luo.
  • She probably obtained a visa to take part at Obama’s inauguration in the USA without waiting one month for an appointment at the American Embassy like other Kenyans.

Obama has a handful running America while harassed by the Republicans, tea party movement, Sarah Palin and being hurt playing basketball.

Granny III keep out of American politic if you want your grandson to go for a second term and keep the good road going to your homestead.




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