Raila Amollo Odinga, the vice president of Kenya said, because the population census shows an equal split between men and women, that all people caught in homosexual activities should be arrested.

I have a hard time to understand his logic considering that Odinga is from the polygamist Luo tribe.  Consequently, Luo need more women than men to satisfy this cultural tidbit.

I know a rich Luo man who married two sisters, has a full-time girl friend and two or three part-time squeeze on the side. Consequently, I assume that a proper ratio for this tribe should be at least 5 women per man. Actually, the Luos are not the only polygamist tribe in Kenya.

However, since in Kenya tourism is a big industry and ex-rainbow party man Odinga is no longer interested in the pink Pound and the pink Dollar, he can rectify the insanity which other tourists may have to suffer: 

  • Lighting up a fag (cigarette) outside or in a private cars can get you a maximum 3 years stay in jail or a US $46,000 fine. That’s in a country where the average person makes less than $2.50 per day.
  • Relaxing with an alcoholic drink by the pool bar while your children  play around can attract a fine of US $2,000.
  • You need a permit to make noise in a private house for New Year.
  • Wildlife safaris are dangerous due to bloody infighting with poachers and game wardens. You have to dodge rogue elephants and bullets.
  • The flamingos are no longer pink because the lakes are polluted and they have been marginalized by Odinga who thinks of them as sissies.
  • You sneeze without a handkerchief and your fine is 3 months behind bars or $30.
  • It is illegal to swear or make rude public gesture in Kenya.  You can try when you have been conned but then the police will probably badly bruise you.

I am sure that some pro-active , right-minded gay organizations can post the information on all travel brochures to Kenya, Tourist Bureau and even Kenya Airways.

By the way, can someone tell me if it is legal to have a drink, like a pink rosé, in Kenya Airways while they have children on board?




  1. Whilst it is sad when leaders make such talk, I feel I also need to correct a few errors you have presented in your post.

    Raila is not Kenya’s Vice President. He is the Prime Minister. You have completely misrepresenting the Anti-Smoking law. Just like many western countries, we have strict anti-smoking laws but its not the way you presented it. You can smoke in public at designated smoking areas. You can light up in your car or any private place if you do not inconvenience anyone.

    Children are not allowed in Bars even in Europe. But hotels get an exception in some areas.

    Actually, I should not bother to present you with the facts, because your article is bent on present Kenya in bad light.

    Please not I’m a gay Kenyan man and do not support Raila’s comments( which he has since withdrawn) but you cant stereotype a country based on one homophobic rant

  2. You are right , my post is a rant and do apologize about Raila’s title. Yes, he is the Prime Minister. The rest is based on facts and regarding smoking, note that I was arrested in Kenya for smoking alone in my car, window opened, and had to depart with a 2,000/= bribe.
    I know of two designated smoking area in Nairobi; the one by the Posta building and another one in Givenjee (don’t know the spelling) garden. I don’t know where the other one are.
    We may not have the same definition of bars. In general in the US and Europe children can go with their parents in pubs or cafés or establishments serving alcohol but will not be served unless they are of legal age. Of course, cultural habits differ in each country but regarding drinking the punishment is quite hard in Kenya.
    Now, Prime Minister Raila Odinga did not have to make any comments, misplaced or not, which jeopardize the life or security of others and specially a minority group. I am not gay but support gay rights and will not tolerate anyone putting more fuel to the fire.
    This is how politicians start. Check out Uganda, Zimbabwe and in some African countries it is the death penalty for your sexual orientation and that’s not acceptable to me.
    You are gay and Kenyan. No problem but question: during Raila’s meetings do you think you could have stand up and loudly say among the crowd I am gay and ….
    What do you like fruits or flowers while I visit you in the hospital?
    Cheers and get well soon.

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