Fall is giving way to winter and on my left the grass of the golf course sports a sandy light color. The maple and the small dogwood trees are showing off their red leaves against a backdrop of green pines. The sky is a calm light blue void of clouds.

On my right, islands of gorgeous large houses with light grey bricks on manicured lawns. My eyes tears from the cold but I enjoy my morning walk.

Squirrels playfully chase each other, one stares at me;“Dude you need help?”
“No, am fine, I am just going for a walk.”
“Check out the pooch.”

A cocky yellow Labrador with a bandana around his neck is taking its owner for a light run. Pooch passes me without a sniff while the owner greets me with a nod and a smile.

I hear a screech; look up, a car just miss a deer crossing the road followed by a fawn. As I approach I can see a lady, the driver, banging on the steering wheels. She looks at me with; “Have you seen that! Have you seen that! I could have crashed my car.”
I think not, she could have killed the deer.
Everyone is safe so I don’t hesitate a second and continue my morning walk.

To add warmth I cup my hands to my ears.  That’s not much help so I stuff my hands in my jacket pocket and step up my walks to heat up my body. 

I am at peace in this modern age freedom. The sidewalk leads me to the end of the road. I stop and think for a minute, the environment is so beautiful but life has to take me back to where it thinks I belong. I have walked for about 20 minutes and decide to turn back.

I can see the house and slow down. I am not in a rush to get in now, the refreshing cold added pleasure to my walk.

I sit on the porch and look at the steam coming out of my mouth. Smoke of vapors dancing with the rhythm of my breath.

I am home and talk to no one. I am still drunk on this tranquility. I want my inner peace to dissipate on its own accord



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