The French government has authorized two French investigating judges to look into the ill-gotten-gains acquired in France by three African presidents.  The case was brought by Transparency International (France) against the late Omar Bongo Ondimba from Gabon,   Teodoro Obiang Nguema from Equatorial Guinea and Denis Sassou N’Guesso from Congo and some of their cronies.

Let’s not forget that Paul Biya, president of Cameroon, has the same problems in France but let’s call them allegations for the time being.

For triviality sake Angola has a 8.5 billion dollars discrepancy in its oil account and the Nigerian assembly takes 25% of the federal budget.  

 Also, an interesting fact is the Kenya government admitting losing US 4 billion dollars per year to corruption, that’s 1/3 of their national budget going into pockets of well-known official thieves recycled with the label of high bourgeoisie.

The WikiLeak documents from the US embassy terms Kenya as a swamp of corruption.  The Kenyan government is offended and denounces this term as malicious.

 The Kenyan economy is improving but I am still wondering for whom?



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