Using an orange zester to zest an orange.

Yum, yum and yummy

It is 2pm and just woke up. I don’t remember the last time I have done that.  I feel disoriented and my brain needs an instant dose of strong coffee to function. Jet lag, the cold and the new environment which I have thrown myself in at my brother’s place, before my next destination, are not the only reason of the slow thinking process. Yesterday evening I took part in a small gathering given by my brother and its partner.

The dining room table was lit with a row of candles, the various lampshades provided soft colored lights and the bottles of wines, alcohol, champagne, beers, liquors, fruit juices, sodas, glasses and ashtrays were laid on the indoor terrace.
My brother selected some light techno Grace Jones’ music while his partner placed some snacks in colorful bowls.

Actually, his partner did the cooking; cream of corail lentils with carrot juice and cumin and, for main course, medley of sea fish in Emmental cheese sauce.  Two simple dishes with fancy names that make your taste buds purr with delight.

The invitation was for 7:30pm and five guests except one came in time.  The sixth, the drama queen, requires lots of attention and being last  gives her an opportunity to make a grandiose entrance in front of a complete audience.
Angela arrives ½ hour late, bubbly, chicly dressed with accessories to match, a beautiful smile on a gorgeous face “I am here” and she kiss-kiss everyone with movie star warmth. 

The guests are a comfortable variety of shades, educations and backgrounds with two things in common the French language and culture. It is nice to see an eclectic group enjoying themselves under a common flags.

One of the guests, a chef, brought a fruit salad of oranges, figs, grapes and different raisins in vanilla and orange zest syrup. Pascal serves it with bananas flambé and ice cream, It is yum, yum and yummy and that’s when you realize that food is an important ingredient to congeniality.

The conversation goes from intellectual serious to sublime ridiculous and everyone partakes. My brother mentions Kiki and Mahmud, some friends which he really appreciated during his vacation in Kenya. Another provides a riot of laughter about all the business possibilities you can dream of using a cat. The teacher pours with nonchalance his dysfunctional life which he discusses with his therapist. The drama queen speaks about her being at the right place at the right time in thrilling situations and the doctor provides professional advice to one with a painful hernia. My brother is over teased about the lack of love he gives to a plant which provided him with ten years of pleasure. The chef exposes the difficulties and charms of running a restaurant and Pascal attends to all the friends’ needs.

The guests move from topic to topic as a group.  No one is left and it went on, non-stop, until 4am.

The toast was four bottles of champagne, kiss-kiss and the drama queen gives me a kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss before their ride home.  



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