Ivory Coast is based on corruption, nepotism and presidents which want to stay in power until death do us part. 

Election time and two opponents are standing up for he second and last round;

  • The incumbent Laurent Gbagbo against the opposition politician Alassane Ouattara.
  • The Independent Electoral Commission declares Alassane Ouattara the winner.
  • The results are cancelled in a heartbeat and Laurent Gbagbo is declared the winner.

The consequences are that at this very moment Ivory Coast has two presidents. Of course, it follows suit some ministers in the two camps have been given their portfolio.

Laurent Gbagbo keeps his place, shouldered by the army, in the presidential palace and the other one set up his governmental HQ in a hotel.

Skirmishes for justice denied regarding the result of the election follow suit with over 50 people killed, 200 hurts and unknown amounts kidnapped.  The kidnapped are mainly the one opposing Laurent Gbagbo.

The international community, including the UN which monitored the election recognizes Alassana Ouattara as the winner and all impose stiff penalties on Laurent Gbagbo, his family and entourage.  Remember that African Governments are very much a family affair.

Yesterday, Laurent Gbagbo, in a televised address, formally declares himself the winner and informed all his opponents, specially the other government in the hotel, to go back home and let him run the country.  Also, he called on the European Union, African Union and even the United States, Russia and China to check the elections result under an “Evaluating Committee.”
Oooh! He wants to show how well he can rig the election.

Then what? 
I have been thinking about it and I foresee only the following scenario;

  • Nothing and Laurent Gbagbo stays in power with the army at his side.
  • Lots of changes and Alassana Ouattara take up his place as president.
  • A coalition government, Kenya and Zimbabwe have taken this road, and it does not work but seems to please the international community.
  • A civil war which will give more work for the United Nations and lots of meetings.

It is not a good time for the production of Cocoa and that stuff is bound to get more expensive.

Has anyone mentioned what the hard-working citizens of Ivory Coast are going through?
I tell you, they all have been tusked in the backside by the leadership.



One response to “THE IVORY COAST SAGA

  1. Well, as I have been following the resent elections in Kenya and Zimbabwe, topping it up now with the latest one in the Ivory Coast. Obvious it take two to tango. And still they don’t know how to dance. It’s a mans world, but it wouldn’t be nothing. NOTHING without a woman or a girl. Trust me.
    Regards. Lars
    All speling error is on my behalf.

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