Freedom go to hell

The Muslim world and its leaders, worldwide, by forgoing intelligence are asphyxiating reasons and criticisms.

They repress all forms of individualism in the name of religion and incite the mass to declare jihad to anyone not conforming to their sanctimonious scheme.

A book of religious scriptures not reevaluated from the time when rituals was to clean your bums with an even amount of pebbles and beliefs that devils lay hidden in one’s nose during sleep.

Muslims are brainwashed and indoctrinated mosque by mosque, imam by imam, surah by surah on the meaning of life and their purpose on earth.

Anyone else is a pagan, a heretic to be massacred, maimed or shun for the crime of being different, a critical thinker, tolerant of others, gender egalitarian, open to different concepts or vocal with dissent.

The “good” Muslim world stays mum and silent at the promulgation of paradox and hate from their extremist brethren:

  • In Saudi Arabia a Muslim cleric was jailed for 38 days and lashed 150 times for allegedly raising a shoe at Prophet Mohammed shrine.
  • In Pakistan Punjab Governor Salman Taseer is in favor of reform on the religious blasphemy law.  He is killed by Mumtaz Qadri and the next day a crowd of devout sheer the murderous act down the streets of Karachi.
  • In Somalia militants forbid cinema, music, bras, shaking hands with the opposite sex and in the process lash, amputate or kill anyone not prescribing to their brand of Islam.
  • In the UAE emotions such as kissing, holding hands in public or sticking the middle finger in road rage is punishable to a jail term and expulsion from the country.
  • In Egypt a suicide bomber attack kills over 20 members attending a Coptic New-Year mass.
  • Last December two Muslim Terrorist attacks in  Stockholm, Sweden, kill one and hurt two.
  • In Algeria Christians are arrested and jailed for eating during Ramadan
  • In Bagdad, Iraq, Muslims militants shot and killed over 50 worshippers at Our Lady of Salvation Syriac Catholic cathedral.

Cowardly and protected by the right of expression from their western countries of immigrations the make-you-believe liberals Muslims murmur sheepish dissent and demonstrate with placards reading:
This is not Islam, Islam preaches love, Islam is tolerant, Islam teaches respect.

The non-Muslim world is puzzled by the long bearded men wearing imamah , kufi and djelabba and the women are odd hidden by hijab, burqa, veil and head scarves in places like Dearborn Michigan, Towers Hamlet in the UK, Marseille in France, and Munich in Germany.  These places have four distinct seasons and no Arabian Desert, camels and magic carpets.

Any mention of secularism in public places then new pro Islam placards appear in demonstrations:
Islamophobia, We are denied the right of expression, Slay the one who insult Islam, Islam will dominate the world, Freedom go to hell.

Islam is protecting with a heavy hand its contradictions. It cages freedom expecting it not to escape.




2 responses to “ISLAM PFFT!

  1. The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. ~George Bernard Shaw

  2. Excellent analysis. I am happy that I live in theWest, a world despite its problems is jealous and protective of its freedoms. I also will protect my freedom with toooth and nail. Frankly, I cannot stand ignorance ,backwardness and any denial of freedom. The reality is, the majority of Muslims deep down know that the West protects them from their own barbarism.

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