The blog “Vuga!” provides interesting age statistic of first world leaders versus African leaders. The average age of African leaders is 76 compared to 51 for the first world, a gap of 25 years.

It is interesting to know that 86 years old Robert Mugabe, omnipotent president of Zimbabwe, an educated man with more than 6 university degrees was able from the onset to run down Zimbabwe’s budding economy. He is educated but unable to make logical and common sense decisions.

David Cameron, age 43, the UK prime minister has only one degree, definitely less than six, is trusted to govern one of the biggest economic power house in the world. He has a smaller collection of degrees than Mugabe but learned at a young age that the definition of moron is Mugabe.

Assuming that both leaders were care salesman. From whom would you buy a used car?  
It is assumed that most of the answers will be in favor of David Cameron.

Some people would even buy a used car from belligerent Nicolas Sarkozy, age 55, of France.
He may try to sell you a lemon but common sense, when caught, will force him to offer at least a large discount or a refund.

The African leaders, with their years of imposed governance have been unable to absorb new information, produce new ideas and concept through critical thinking.

Soon some African countries will experience famine due to drought.  It is a yearly problem which has gone on for decennia if not more.  Usually a network of transport infrastructure easily solves or greatly alleviates the problem.

In Africa the leaders grey matter works by informing the nation that a drought is coming.  People start dying of hunger, picture of animal carcasses are plastered on the news then donor communities are kindly requested money for support.
Mind you that it happens in countries exporting flowers, beef, fruits and vegetables to other part of the world.
These leaders critical thinking does not go beyond receiving a fish. The idea of fishing for themselves is foreign.

President Barrack Obama, 48, articulates profound ad libitum speeches raising emotions to its highest level. President Kibaki, 71, of Kenya mumbles written speeches plunging crowd in the deepest sleep. Rumor is that Kibaki has its own translator to understand what he says.

The paradox is that Africa is the world youngest continent with an estimated 65% of population being under the age of 30.

People, so far, have been unable to find the bush where these septuagenarian hides. It is worrying since, elections after elections, they always spring as candidates out of nowhere.

Not all is bad though.  I am sure someone would buy a used car from 75 years old Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia.



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