Southern Sudan will secede from the north and become the newest country in Africa.  The southerners have been marginalized, vilified, ostracized by the north due to religious, culture and race differences leading to a civil war lasting more than 20 years. 

The southerner will say bye-bye to Khartoum and keep 85% of the oil field which are located in their side of the divide.
The international community is helping, coveting, training and nurturing with big smiles hoping to share the loot of all the ores the country has to offer.
Some even venture as saying that Southern Sudan has the potential of becoming the bread basket of Africa as well as a tourist paradise.

The outsiders inculcate new manners in a populace of 200 different ethnic ethnic groups in majority illiterate and uneducated whose way of settling arguments is at the barrel of an AK47 or not paying their bills for serviced rendered in the name that in their country they do as they please.
The thinking is a remnant of the humanitarian aids which provided about everything for their basic needs while they fought.

Southern Sudan is being rebuilt with international donor money and by the influx of small investors from East Africa.
The small investors have to partner with a southern Sudanese who does not give anything for the business except a Dinka name and the reward is 40% share in the venture. That’s the rule; you don’t like it then leave your money and take a hike.

So Southern Sudan is about to become the new baby in Africa but:

  • The status of the Abyei region has yet to be defined.  Bothe parties are still dumb struck about the important oil pipeline crossing the area and carrying ¼ of the oil to the north.
  • Tribalism is rife foremost with the Dinka tribe arrogantly claiming total ownership of the country fought by John Garang’s army, a Dinka, and recruited child soldiers.
  • What will happen to Riek Machar, the current vice president, accused of allegation of nepotism, manipulation and embezzlement?  
  • What about the following statement made in 2008; “The region recorded 14,000 cases of corruption in the first half of this year, according to Pauline Riak, chairwoman of the Southern Sudan’s Anti-Corruption Commission.”There is outright stealing throughout the nation because we have a fragile institutional set-up,” Riak said in an interview from Juba, the South Sudan capital, on Aug. 11”.  Interesting and corruption is still having a field day in all areas.
  • The country has no ability or expertise in running the various branches of the government. Not one qualify and the dream of the youngest is to become a basketball star in America.

These are only few of the problems facing Southern Sudan. On 9 July 2011 they will sing, dances and shoot bullets in the sky with euphoria. Then the country will look around and not exclusively emulates their counterpart on the African continent:

  • Human rights abuse will surface.
  • Looting of the government coffers will be monthly news.
  • Freedom of the press will be curtailed.
  • Political opposition will be hunted down by the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM).
  • Northern and Southern Sudanese in the wrong side of the split will be killed, marginalized or kicked out.
  • The government will be a family, tribal and crony affair. 
  • Inter tribal fighting for dominance and recognition will increase.
  • Food humanitarian crisis will be blamed on lack or rain when the major cause is distribution to drought stricken area for lack of road infrastructures.
  • Medical care will remain non-existent as the fund will be diverted to buy arms for the military.

Good luck and best wishes.



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