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Raila Amolo Odinga - World Economic Forum Annu...

Prime Minister Raila Odinga / Image by World Economic Forum via Flickr

Yesterday’s headline of a Kenyan newspaper read “My opponents are drunks, thieves – Raila”.  Today, another headline reads “Does Uhuru smokes bhang?” For the novice bhang is marijuana and Uhuru means freedom in Kiswhahili.

I did not buy the newspaper but in the latter case Uhuru must refer to one of the sons of Kenya first president Jomo Kenyatta.

His son Uhuru Kenyatta is a minister indicted by the International Criminal Court as a suspect for post-election crimes.

Raila Odinga is Kenya’s Prime Minister , a post conferred to him after the election chaos of 2007.

His opponent Mwai Kibaki, through votes rigging, was declared President and he selected a Vice-President and the members of his cabinet in less time than it takes to sneeze.

The election chaos turned the country into a mayhem which saw over 1300 deaths, innumerable internal displaced people and suffering.

A former Secretary General of the United Nations was called to diffuse the crisis, Mr. Odinga the presidential winner-com-declared-loser was sandwiched between the President and the Vice-President to the new post of Prime Minister.  The trio gave birth to a new style of African governance called coalition. 

The same type of Kenyan style government applied when Mad Bob Mugabe of Zimbabwe was unable to retain his parliamentary majority and formed a power sharing government with his opponent Morgan Tsvangirai.  

So, the Prime Minister of Kenya, inspecting-rallying-campaigning for 2012  at a bus station in a Kenyan town, stated that some of his political opponents are “drunkards, bhang smokers and thieves”.  While it is true that some of his opponents frequent the posh and not so posh watering holes of the country, are embroiled in alleged illicit drug trafficking and mind-boggling amount of misappropriation of government’s fund.

The Prime Minister words are reminiscent of Gaddafi’s to the anti-government demonstrators when he called them “drugged greasy rats” more or less under the influence of everything except fruit juice.

Kenya, bedrock of “freedom” of expression, until you look at the lining of the suit, has a Prime Minister who exercises his right with unpleasant preludes by mud slugging in the arena of the hot kitchen of Kenyan politic. The crowd cheers when he loudly voices what everyone thinks in their mind.  The opponents cry foul because he dared not to use metaphors to express himself.

In the meantime the government remains a swamp of corruption and is impotent in structuring the important issues needed to lift the mass out of the stagnation of their daily lives.

Kenya has an unemployment rate of 40%, the majority of the national airports have unpaved runways, and the electricity cost is prohibitive. The road infrastructure is mainly dirt roads and the paved ones are carpeted with such a thin layer of asphalt that they have more pot holes than craters on the moon. The currency is weakening but the economy for the few owning the majority of the wealth of the country has a real growth of at least 4%.

The real issues are sidestepped while the political elephants find a circus, an arena to voice their pseudo greatness.   The majority of the men and the few women in this political elites are very well-educated but isn’t Albert Einstein who said that “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”, but in their case they have forgotten a great deal, they forgot what they were elected for.

In retrospective they are not elephants. They are parasites sucking the energy and the patience of the mass.




Hosni Mubarak is gone … Muammar al-Gaddafi almost gone … Ali Abdullah Saleh waiting to go.  The picture was in the days when they used to sing Oh happy day, la la la la la la la la la  …

The bonfire of mass uprising is crossing the Arab world.

The members of the African Union (AU) and their families are looking up in the sky waiting for their jet plane to come.

All my bags are packed, I am ready to go
I’m standing here outside my coutry’s door 
my country screams to say good bye

I am leaving on a jet plane
They dont want to see me again.
la la la la la la …


I have looked at Rolling Stone magazine greatest artists list.  I do not believe that it is correct since some of great artists on the music scene are not shown.  Of course, noblesse oblige, I probably would have been satisfied if they had listed only what I like. Unfortunately, it would have been a headache for the magazine since I am too eclectic in musical taste.

A nice foot note is that Rolling Stone Magazine’s name comes from a 1950 song “Rollin’ Stone” from Chicago blues master Muddy Waters. It is a version of a song originally written by Robert Petway and called “Catfish blues”.

But what is rock music?
Wikipedia wrote it best: “its immediate origins lay in a mixing together of various Black musical genres of the time, including rhythm and blues and gospel music with country and western.”
Notice that I put a capital B on Black because Black people from my Diaspora, slavery, are capital to me.

So all Black people out there do not be mistaken, White folks listen and dance to the foundation of Black roots.
I am not so sure that White people can dance but at least they try their very best to jump up and down when the ceiling is very high.  Also, White artists have recorded, again riding with Black roots, some of the most exquisite music on this planet.  Somebody had to show the way. Slap me! I am kissing my hand but a spade is a spade.

Rolling Stone is a rock magazine probably more interested in rock or genre of music influencing rock. Beside music, it is avant-garde and they have great articles on politic, culture and whatever they want to dab on.

I sound like an advertising campaign.  Well, I don’t make money out of my blog, I just write on things that I like and I like Rolling Stone Magazine.  I hesitate to say that I love it since I don’t know if they would love me back.

So, before I forget, I have looked at three things: the top 100 greatest guitarists, the 100 greatest singers, the 500 greatest albums, and the 100 greatest artists of all times.

I was unable to check the complete list, I live in an anorexic internet country where I can play three games of spider solitaire until my internet comes up, but I can tell you that for each artist the write-up is a nice read.

According to Rolling Stones magazine the Black guitarists among the 10 best guitarists of all times are: 
Jimmy Hendrix (1), BB King (3), Robert Johnson (5), and Chuck Berry (6). 
I do have a problem since I believe that Carlos Santana should have been among the 10 best guitarits.
Yuk! You can’t be always lucky.

The Black artists among the 10 best singers of all times are: 
Aretha Franklin (1), Ray Charles (2), Sam Cooke (4), Marvin Gaye (6), Otis Redding (8), Stevie Wonder (9),and James Brown (10).
Yep, Strange but James Brown made the list.  He had a song called “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”.  The title is chauvinist but listen to it when he says that “But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl”. This simple phrase makes me “Black and proud”.

The Black albums among the 20 best albums of all times are:  
Marvin Gaye (6) – What’s going on,  Miles Davis (12) – Kind of Blues, The Jimmie Hendrix Experience (15) and Michael Jackson(20) Thriller.
I like Jazz which is one of my three favorite musical genres, and Miles Davis in his album “Kind of Blues” has one of my favorite piece “So what”.

The Black artists among the 10 best artists of all times are: 
Chuck Berry (5), Jimmy Hendrix (6), James Brown (7), Little Richard (8), Aretha Franklin (9), and Ray Charles (10).
I like all the other one but Jimmy Hendrix, for me, was the epitome of what people can do when they unify passion. With his guitar he pioneered hard rock and that was his passion.



I like Coluche, a French comedian, actor and political activist whose irreverence match my ideal of what a person should be and express.  He died in the prime of his life on 19 June 1986, age 41, from a motorcycle accident. 

Coluche besides being a comedian cared for people.  He is the founder of the “Restos du Coeur” (Restaurants of the Heart) whose organization mainly provides food and small amenities to the needy and the homeless.  Also, he was very political, the ranting type of politic which all of us understand looking at the paradox of our world. 

Some of his quotes are impossible to translate in English.  However, here are a few to put a smile or make you go hmmmmmm!

  • France has the best French politicians in the world!
  • A neutral country is the one which does not sell weapons to a country at war… unless it pays cash.
  • February is the month of the year when politicians say the least stupidity because there is only 28 days.
  • Dictatorship is “shut your mouth”.  Democracy is “keep on talking”.
  • If one day you feel useless and depressed, remember that one day you were the fastest spermatozoon of all.
  • It seems that a preservative is a nice political logo.  It balances inflation, allows expansion, limits overproduction and provides a satisfactory feeling of security.
  • I will admirably caution politicians who take me for a joker that I am not the one who started.
  • Do you know how, in South Africa, we call a black man with a machine gun?
    We call him sir.
  • At end month, the last 30 days are the hardest
  • Everyone has ideas.  The proof is that some are very bad.
  • Some look honest, but when they shake your hand you better count your fingers.
  • Some are tall, some are short! The good height for the legs, is when your feet firmly touch the ground!
  • If you listen to what peopel say: the rich are bad and the poor nice.  Then why is it that everyone wants to be bad.
  • You have a new washing powder, the same brand, which washes whiter that the one that already washed whiter. 
    Consequently, I am afraid to switch washing powder, I am afraid for my cloth to become see through.
  • I have a friend who married for love
    He married a rich woman… he loves money.
  • Artichokes are the real dish of the poor. It is the only dish that when you finish eating, you have more on your plate than when you started.
  • The day shit is worth as much as gold.  The poor will be born without anus.
  • Another advice: Do not drink while driving: you could spill your drink
  • The Russians , on their t-shirt, write CCCP instead of USSR.  The Mexicans thought it was for CouCourouCoucou Paloma !
  • God is like sugar in hot milk.  He is everywhere but you do not see him. The more you look for him the less you find of him.
  • God said  we must share:  The rich will have the food and the poor will have the appetite
  • Politicians invest money in prisons and not in schools, because for  sure they will not go back to school.
  • Gays do not reproduce and yet there are more of them.
  • Bigamy is when you have two wives and monotony is when you have only one.
  • Ladies, an advice: if you are looking for a man who is handsome, rich and intelligent … take three!
  • Long term credit means the less you can pay the more you pay.
  • With prefab house, during all your years of credit you fix what collapse.  After 15 years the ruins belong to you.
  • It is not really my fault if some people are hungry, but it would be my fault if nothing changed
  • It makes people laugh when you poke fun at politic.  However, it is mainly politic who poke fun at us.
  • If their was a tax on stupidity the government will self-finance.
  • It seems that God said their will be tall and short men
    Handsome and ugly men
    White and black men
    All will be equal but that’s not going to be easy.

I trust that my friend Lars will like some of these quotes.



The tiny kingdom of Bahrain is feeling the ripple effect of Tunisia and Egypt. King, Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa apologized for two deaths which occurred in the capital Manama during a demonstration.  Recently, at dawn, his police force shot and threw tear gas at protestors peacefully resting in tents at Pearl Square.  So far three more demonstrators have died and hundreds are filling the hospitals with serious injuries.

Which other apology can the king offer now? He sits on a throne advocating the three “unwise” monkeys’ policy; see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. 

He lives in a palace and is oblivious to the mass. He lives with four wives, innumerable children and one of his favorite hobbies is falconry. Anyone still playing with falcons is disconnected with the modern world.

He has a son, Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, whose only fame is to elbow the worthy and talented in the hope that some of the glitters will rub on him. At one time he attempted a join venture as a song writer with Michael Jackson.

Prime Minister, Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, has been in power for almost 40 years and is the richest of the royal family.  80% of the Bahrain cabinet members are from the royal family and Sunni Muslims while the majority of the population is Shiites.  Considering that Bahrain is an island with less than 2 millions people, assumingly the royal family, after a while, will have to self–pollinate in order to stay in power.

Bahrain is not a poor country and the young and educated demonstrators’ requests are for jobs, housing, freeing of political prisoners and better representation of the Shiites Muslims in the government, all simple requests summing up dignity and recognition.

America will go in wild directions with words of cautious considering they have vested political and strategic interest in the region and a large military base in Juffair.

The ruling class in the Middle East and Africa is disconnected with the people it governs.  

They ostracized the have-not which provides them so much wealth. The Lotus revolution has touched mainly the Arab world.

Sub-Sahara Africa as loads of Mubarak and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his saturated with more authoritarian and cruel despots like Mad Bob Mugabe, Brother Leader al-Kaddafi and Lion man Paul Biya (from Cameroon).

Many in sub-Sahara are looking at the situation in the Arab world hoping the revolution of change comes down their way.  They have dire problems of political freedom, unemployment, corruptions high, food cost, and one party system.  It could happen but it will be difficult because:

  • Africa does not matter to the world. 
  • Africans are difficult to unite. They are all divided among ethnic lines.
  • Africans do not look for the common good but the interest of the common tribe.
  • African leaders are not scared of the USA and democracy.  They get their bullets from China.
  • African leaders will use extreme force to massacre, rape and displace their people.
  • Africans have short memories and will sell their vote for a bag of maize to reëlect autocrat leaders who keep them in poverty.

Notice the African Union is thunderstruck about the chain of events.  They cannot talk because all its members, who are holding hostage a continent, are busy devising “democratic” ways to rig elections and change constitutions.

Somehow, it has to change.



Kerosene lamp.

Image via Wikipedia

I am having a difficult time reading my handwriting.  Well, writing is a skill which I learned a long time ago.
Oops, I notice that I calligraph vowels three different ways.  I need to be consistent.
I have to learn to use my handwriting more often.  You see, I have to improve my handwriting because I live in an electrical anorexic country.
They feed you with electricity for a couple of days then you are required to vomit whatever they give you until you are depleted.  Lately, I deplete one to three times a week and sometimes for the all day.

I did not have any power the all day yesterday.  Then, today, I am working on my desktop and it switches itself off.   I go down to the kitchen and brew a cup of coffee, on the gas stove, then power is back.  No, it was only a ten minutes tease of brightness.

It reminds me of times in a small town in Southern Uganda.  Power outage would go on for weeks at a time and especially during the rainy season.  I was really used to live in darkness.

I go home light up the kerosene lamp, the candles and listen to music on a battery operated radio.  Sometimes, I would connect my tiny TV to the car battery for some visual entertainment.

One day I went to see a friend of mine and notice he has power.
“Power is back!” I said elated.
“Yep, about three days ago.”
I was so used to darkness that I had lost the habit of using light switches.

Electrical anorexic countries enhances new senses in the dark: I learned how to move by the brightness of the moon, recognize people by their silhouette, smell the difference between kerosene and diesel fuel, mince garlic cloves without cutting my fingers, take a bath in cold water and still find the soap, have conversation with friends and call their name by the sound of their voices, I learned how to pour a glass of whisky by putting a finger in the glass and I never spilled a drop.

Many years ago, in Rwanda, while brewing a cup of coffee in the kitchen – I seem to do that a lot when power is off – surprise! Power is back.
I feel a presence behind me, I turn around and it is my roommate, naked, with a gun pointed at me.
“I thought you were an intruder.”

I have a UPS for my computer.  It does not work; it was blown by an electrical surge.  That’s the third one, so I don’t buy them anymore.  I still keep this one for decorative purpose only.

Also, I have a laptop but the internal charger does not work.  It died from constant use of generators in the bushes of Southern Sudan. In Juba, I was there when they put the first power meter; it took them three days to hang it on the wall of the office.  They did not have the correct size wooden plate to screw the meter on.   Power would come only three hours or less in those days. The air blown by the ceiling fan was the signal that power was on.

“Do you know what a brown out is?”
“I know.”
The power is so low that when you turn on the switch everything looks evenly brown.  During brown out I can only watch TV.

I am not keen on fireworks; I always think that it is a surge blowing all the light bulbs or a transformer catching fire.

It is easy to recognize an African capital from the air.  It is always at the spot where the lights blink.   That’s why, when coming to Africa, it is advisable to take day flights because, at night, the runway lights may stop blinking for you upon landing.

I have to rush to post this on my blog.  I have been at it for three days. I feel so strange using a keyboard.



2011 Egypt Revolution Protest Rally Pioneer Sq...

Image by orb9220 via Flickr

I like to hear stories about schmuck.  They are light on the brain and slapstick comedy of a dumb ass doing dumb things. Yep, but that’s where it stops.  It stops when it affects people at large

I listened all nigh long to BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and TV5 about the developments in Egypt.  At midnight, thriller time, Hosni Mubarak spoke.  Everyone is expecting his resignation as president.

No, the man spoke, spoke and spoke about rubbish.  He spoke about things that no one wants to hear. Autocrat Mubarak will transfer his power to his new vice president, very new since he never had one before, and finish his term in September.

The man is rich and so are his wife and son.  Different sources estimate the family fortune at 40 to 60 billion US dollars.  He has looted the coffer while the majority of the population is poor.  He thinks he is the self-righteous ruler of Egypt and cannot do wrong.

Wrong! His speech is an insult to the mass, he has pissed on the populace who gave him to opportunity to rule, loot while they were beaten up, put in jail and force feed false information by the media which he controlled.
Who cares that he has given 50 years of his life to the country.  Like all dictators he will go down in the gutter of history.

Egypt and Africa are tired of this type of leadership.  People are born and died knowing only one leader.  Actually moronic leadership is the case on the African continent.

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia took the road runner escape with his billions.  Africa has 53 countries, one despot gone but 52, maybe 53 as soon as South Sudan becomes a country, need to follow suit.

Revolution needs to go west and east of Africa and finish down south.

It will not work!  Whoopi-doo! Then let all the good people of conscience emigrate out.  Build a wall around the continent and throw the key away. Look for the key when you need to open the door for the ores and let the small overly rich dictators play with each other.
They can copulate and Darwin in a new specie for all I care.  The West has fabricated and supported these dictators so in good conscience they have to accept the population which they ostracized and vilified in the name of “good friendly politic”.

Furthermore, I like Obama’s intelligence.
Easy! Put your hand in a fortune cookie jar, pull one out, crack it, and whatever you read on the piece of paper hidden inside the fortune cookie is the intelligence. I have lost faith in his oratory, that’s what they are, oratories based on words with no content. The man has embarrassed me.

In that case America needs to butt off at any changes wanted by a mass which is not his. Bad or good the mass has to define his destiny.  That’s their right!

Cry latter! Who cares if that’s what they want let them have it.

I don’t give a hoot about the financial indexes and economic reports on Africa, they all hogwash defining how well the 5 to 10 % of the thieves are doing. They make nice reports for the IMF, the donor countries and the magazines telling the investors …. invest, invest, and incest with us. 

So Mubarak is still around probably sourcing a good place to go where no one will freeze his assets.

You know what! Let him go and dive in his cuckoo’s nest.  The crazy houses are full of people living in their bubbles. 

The mass is real.  It lives outside the cuckoo’s nest. They feel and breathe realities.  They have right because they are feeling the pains and sorrow inflicted by these schmuck leaders.

My shoe is ready!




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