The African Union is having fun.  At their first meeting they played musical chair and  President Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, won to represent the illustrious organization which promotes “building a partnership between governments and all segments of civil society, in particular women, youth and the private sector, in a bid to strengthen solidarity and cohesion among the people of Africa.” 

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema is a long serving tyrannical-kleptomaniac dictator.  The type the Tunisian mass kicked out with the Jasmine revolution. Egypt is in the process of doing the same with President Mubarak and the world is confident that human dignity will prevail.

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea is among the worst offender of human rights in Africa. His name and presidency is stamped in everything which is wrong and against agreed international human rights in this tiny rich oil-producing country.

He took over Equatorial Guinea presidency from Francisco Macías Nguema, an equally savage and murderous dictator, via a coup d’état in 1979. He changed the constitution in 1982 and was continuously reelected since.  Of course, each time elected with blatant fraudulent corruption. 

He was a good client of the defunct Riggs bank in the USA and owns expensive real-estate in the USA and France. 
Question:          In which multi party country a president is elected with almost 100% of the votes?
Answer:            Equatorial Guinea, of course!

The issue of Tunisia and Egypt will make nice dossiers, agenda, press releases and memoranda to insert in colorful jacket which delegates will carry under their arms to insinuate hard work. That looks good when the press clicks photographs.
Question:          Why the African Unity is not aggressively tackling Tunisia and Egypt issues?
Answer:            Jean Ping, AU Commission chairperson, was so overwhelmed by the speed of the events that he could not find time to put it on his agenda. The insert key does not exist on his computer.

However, the AU foreign minister will find time to include the case voiced by Kenya to have the perpetrators of the violence that followed the 2007 polls transferred to the Kenyan local courts.
Question:          Why does Kenya wants to try the ICC cases in their local court?
Answer:            The perilous political road to wealth is also a card for impunity.

The Ivory Coast saga, with two presidents, is on the AU agenda because the world is looking at their negotiating skills.
Question:          Why the AU receives little coverage in the foreign media?
Answer:            The foreign media ran out of bad reviews.




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