I noticed that lot of people, especially on my side of the world, have no idea where Martinique is. 

Martinique is a small island, so small that you may miss it if you blink while travelling on a jet plane.  It is sandwiched between Dominica and St Lucia, right across Venezuela.

The land has jagged edges diving into the sea with breaches of many beaches of pure white fine sand and in front of the volcano Montagne Pelée which erupted in 1902 you have black or gray beaches.

The air is hot, humid and fragranced with the sweet aroma of rum. The foliage is a deep green tickled with exotic bright colour flowers where greenish silver wings humming birds refueled with nectar.

Martiniquais are 400, 000 people of diverse ethnicity and a melting pot of culture from many continents. A mixture of former African slaves, French, Tamil Indian, Amerindian

The official language of Martinique is French and to further foment a unifying identity, over the centuries, we developed a picturesque language called Creole.

Everyone fits quite nicely on the island. Around noon the aroma of each kitchen flows from window to window.  The dishes are a mixed culinary paradise for the epicurean taste buds.

The rum … well what can I say? The best!

Fort-de-France, the capital, has monuments like the Schoelcher library with a collection of over 130,000 books. The Cathedral of Saint Louis originally built in 1671, destroyed many times by fire, hurricane and earthquake and built again. Fort Saint Louis was built in 1638 and still stands looking out toward the sea.

This small island gave birth to many famous people like Aimé Césaire, Frantz Fanon, Edouard Glissant, Patrick Chamoiseau and Joséphine the wife of Napoléon Bonaparte.

Martinique has towns with exotic names likes Ajoupa Bouillon, Bellefontaine, Marigot, Morne rouge, Lorrain, Le Carbet and Le Diamand.

Our carnivals rocks the month of February with costumes adding more colors to the beauty of the islands. People zouk, biguine and mazurka and go down streets with bands and dancers dressed in costume wilder than imaginations or living little to the imagination.

Music, gastronomy, dance, art, literature, rant, politic, philosophy is in our DNA

I could have said that Martinique geographic coördinates are 14 degrees 40’north 61 degrees 00’west.

Too complicated and I think that pictures can say the rest.

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2 responses to “MARTINIQUE

  1. Beautiful! I heard the food is one of the finest in international cuisine. You forgot tho mention my favorite writer,Patrick Chamoiseau.
    Similar to the Colombian writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Patrick Chamoiseau offers you a visa to travel one of those journeys that would remain stamped with you forever as” extraordinaire”.
    Also there were many men and women from the beautiful island of Martinique who went to Panama during the construction of the Panama Canal. There is a strong Martinician tradition in Panama.Panama is also a rich melting pot of cultures.

    • Ana, You are right and I have added Patrick Chamoiseau to my post. Ichecked the Panamanian blogs, a while back,and lots of people from Martinique have gone to Panama to build the canal. We are the same people. Cheers

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