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I like to hear stories about schmuck.  They are light on the brain and slapstick comedy of a dumb ass doing dumb things. Yep, but that’s where it stops.  It stops when it affects people at large

I listened all nigh long to BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and TV5 about the developments in Egypt.  At midnight, thriller time, Hosni Mubarak spoke.  Everyone is expecting his resignation as president.

No, the man spoke, spoke and spoke about rubbish.  He spoke about things that no one wants to hear. Autocrat Mubarak will transfer his power to his new vice president, very new since he never had one before, and finish his term in September.

The man is rich and so are his wife and son.  Different sources estimate the family fortune at 40 to 60 billion US dollars.  He has looted the coffer while the majority of the population is poor.  He thinks he is the self-righteous ruler of Egypt and cannot do wrong.

Wrong! His speech is an insult to the mass, he has pissed on the populace who gave him to opportunity to rule, loot while they were beaten up, put in jail and force feed false information by the media which he controlled.
Who cares that he has given 50 years of his life to the country.  Like all dictators he will go down in the gutter of history.

Egypt and Africa are tired of this type of leadership.  People are born and died knowing only one leader.  Actually moronic leadership is the case on the African continent.

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia took the road runner escape with his billions.  Africa has 53 countries, one despot gone but 52, maybe 53 as soon as South Sudan becomes a country, need to follow suit.

Revolution needs to go west and east of Africa and finish down south.

It will not work!  Whoopi-doo! Then let all the good people of conscience emigrate out.  Build a wall around the continent and throw the key away. Look for the key when you need to open the door for the ores and let the small overly rich dictators play with each other.
They can copulate and Darwin in a new specie for all I care.  The West has fabricated and supported these dictators so in good conscience they have to accept the population which they ostracized and vilified in the name of “good friendly politic”.

Furthermore, I like Obama’s intelligence.
Easy! Put your hand in a fortune cookie jar, pull one out, crack it, and whatever you read on the piece of paper hidden inside the fortune cookie is the intelligence. I have lost faith in his oratory, that’s what they are, oratories based on words with no content. The man has embarrassed me.

In that case America needs to butt off at any changes wanted by a mass which is not his. Bad or good the mass has to define his destiny.  That’s their right!

Cry latter! Who cares if that’s what they want let them have it.

I don’t give a hoot about the financial indexes and economic reports on Africa, they all hogwash defining how well the 5 to 10 % of the thieves are doing. They make nice reports for the IMF, the donor countries and the magazines telling the investors …. invest, invest, and incest with us. 

So Mubarak is still around probably sourcing a good place to go where no one will freeze his assets.

You know what! Let him go and dive in his cuckoo’s nest.  The crazy houses are full of people living in their bubbles. 

The mass is real.  It lives outside the cuckoo’s nest. They feel and breathe realities.  They have right because they are feeling the pains and sorrow inflicted by these schmuck leaders.

My shoe is ready!




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2 responses to “MUBARAK IS A SCHMUCK

  1. Good for the Egyptian people. Now is the time to start from scratch and create an accountable democratic process based on the will of the people.

    I am really happy for the Egyptian people. Their joy is mine too.These are the moments when I am proud to be living on this planet among six billion people.

    With the devil and his demons gone, there is hope for a new Egypt.
    The audacity of Mubarak to believe that he was the best thing for Egypt. Talk about arrogance , thirty years of this tyrant.
    We have an expression in Spanish that is roughly translated as: There is no evil that lasts 100 years.
    Only a hateful leader would rob the state and amass himself with wealth while many of his people suffer and are left without.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Que Viva Egipto,

  2. “When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right”.
    Victor Hugo

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