The tiny kingdom of Bahrain is feeling the ripple effect of Tunisia and Egypt. King, Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa apologized for two deaths which occurred in the capital Manama during a demonstration.  Recently, at dawn, his police force shot and threw tear gas at protestors peacefully resting in tents at Pearl Square.  So far three more demonstrators have died and hundreds are filling the hospitals with serious injuries.

Which other apology can the king offer now? He sits on a throne advocating the three “unwise” monkeys’ policy; see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. 

He lives in a palace and is oblivious to the mass. He lives with four wives, innumerable children and one of his favorite hobbies is falconry. Anyone still playing with falcons is disconnected with the modern world.

He has a son, Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, whose only fame is to elbow the worthy and talented in the hope that some of the glitters will rub on him. At one time he attempted a join venture as a song writer with Michael Jackson.

Prime Minister, Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, has been in power for almost 40 years and is the richest of the royal family.  80% of the Bahrain cabinet members are from the royal family and Sunni Muslims while the majority of the population is Shiites.  Considering that Bahrain is an island with less than 2 millions people, assumingly the royal family, after a while, will have to self–pollinate in order to stay in power.

Bahrain is not a poor country and the young and educated demonstrators’ requests are for jobs, housing, freeing of political prisoners and better representation of the Shiites Muslims in the government, all simple requests summing up dignity and recognition.

America will go in wild directions with words of cautious considering they have vested political and strategic interest in the region and a large military base in Juffair.

The ruling class in the Middle East and Africa is disconnected with the people it governs.  

They ostracized the have-not which provides them so much wealth. The Lotus revolution has touched mainly the Arab world.

Sub-Sahara Africa as loads of Mubarak and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his saturated with more authoritarian and cruel despots like Mad Bob Mugabe, Brother Leader al-Kaddafi and Lion man Paul Biya (from Cameroon).

Many in sub-Sahara are looking at the situation in the Arab world hoping the revolution of change comes down their way.  They have dire problems of political freedom, unemployment, corruptions high, food cost, and one party system.  It could happen but it will be difficult because:

  • Africa does not matter to the world. 
  • Africans are difficult to unite. They are all divided among ethnic lines.
  • Africans do not look for the common good but the interest of the common tribe.
  • African leaders are not scared of the USA and democracy.  They get their bullets from China.
  • African leaders will use extreme force to massacre, rape and displace their people.
  • Africans have short memories and will sell their vote for a bag of maize to reëlect autocrat leaders who keep them in poverty.

Notice the African Union is thunderstruck about the chain of events.  They cannot talk because all its members, who are holding hostage a continent, are busy devising “democratic” ways to rig elections and change constitutions.

Somehow, it has to change.



2 responses to “THE LYING KING

  1. Great post. I am happy that Arabs finally are getting it right and recognize that their real enemy is the one within. The one who looks just like them;yes, the one is who is part of them.
    This nonsense of always blaming outsiders, the white man or Westeners when one’s own people are doing worse things presently, is the philosophy of idiots. I know right away when people think this way, they have no solution to the problems ,no faith in themselves and are also very dumb and backward.

    Those kings and princes from the Middle East have harems where they use women and then dispose them. Some of them even have cohorts kidnapp women from around the world(Pakistan, Yemen,Iraq,etc.) and imprison them againts their wish.
    In the Arab world, monarchy is a scary business or set up. Me glad I have nothing in common with them but my humanity.
    I wish them the best. Hopefully Arabs will move away from that system of government, get rid of some of those traditions and join the real free world.

    Regarding Africa,black people seem to have a romance with suffering.Everything is supposed to be painful,difficult, slow and worrisome. I admire people who want and strive to be happy.

    I admire people who climb mountains,dream, explore, invent,create, discover and are all about looking up and not looking down in despair blaming others for their weakness and incompetence. This world will always belong to the ones who take life by the horns; the ones who were giving a lamp and return with lamps than the ones who return empty handed blaming shadows for having lost their valuabale possession.


  2. I put a dollar in one of those change machines. Nothing changed. ~George Carlin

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