I have looked at Rolling Stone magazine greatest artists list.  I do not believe that it is correct since some of great artists on the music scene are not shown.  Of course, noblesse oblige, I probably would have been satisfied if they had listed only what I like. Unfortunately, it would have been a headache for the magazine since I am too eclectic in musical taste.

A nice foot note is that Rolling Stone Magazine’s name comes from a 1950 song “Rollin’ Stone” from Chicago blues master Muddy Waters. It is a version of a song originally written by Robert Petway and called “Catfish blues”.

But what is rock music?
Wikipedia wrote it best: “its immediate origins lay in a mixing together of various Black musical genres of the time, including rhythm and blues and gospel music with country and western.”
Notice that I put a capital B on Black because Black people from my Diaspora, slavery, are capital to me.

So all Black people out there do not be mistaken, White folks listen and dance to the foundation of Black roots.
I am not so sure that White people can dance but at least they try their very best to jump up and down when the ceiling is very high.  Also, White artists have recorded, again riding with Black roots, some of the most exquisite music on this planet.  Somebody had to show the way. Slap me! I am kissing my hand but a spade is a spade.

Rolling Stone is a rock magazine probably more interested in rock or genre of music influencing rock. Beside music, it is avant-garde and they have great articles on politic, culture and whatever they want to dab on.

I sound like an advertising campaign.  Well, I don’t make money out of my blog, I just write on things that I like and I like Rolling Stone Magazine.  I hesitate to say that I love it since I don’t know if they would love me back.

So, before I forget, I have looked at three things: the top 100 greatest guitarists, the 100 greatest singers, the 500 greatest albums, and the 100 greatest artists of all times.

I was unable to check the complete list, I live in an anorexic internet country where I can play three games of spider solitaire until my internet comes up, but I can tell you that for each artist the write-up is a nice read.

According to Rolling Stones magazine the Black guitarists among the 10 best guitarists of all times are: 
Jimmy Hendrix (1), BB King (3), Robert Johnson (5), and Chuck Berry (6). 
I do have a problem since I believe that Carlos Santana should have been among the 10 best guitarits.
Yuk! You can’t be always lucky.

The Black artists among the 10 best singers of all times are: 
Aretha Franklin (1), Ray Charles (2), Sam Cooke (4), Marvin Gaye (6), Otis Redding (8), Stevie Wonder (9),and James Brown (10).
Yep, Strange but James Brown made the list.  He had a song called “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”.  The title is chauvinist but listen to it when he says that “But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl”. This simple phrase makes me “Black and proud”.

The Black albums among the 20 best albums of all times are:  
Marvin Gaye (6) – What’s going on,  Miles Davis (12) – Kind of Blues, The Jimmie Hendrix Experience (15) and Michael Jackson(20) Thriller.
I like Jazz which is one of my three favorite musical genres, and Miles Davis in his album “Kind of Blues” has one of my favorite piece “So what”.

The Black artists among the 10 best artists of all times are: 
Chuck Berry (5), Jimmy Hendrix (6), James Brown (7), Little Richard (8), Aretha Franklin (9), and Ray Charles (10).
I like all the other one but Jimmy Hendrix, for me, was the epitome of what people can do when they unify passion. With his guitar he pioneered hard rock and that was his passion.



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