In light of the events in Tunisia, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Kenya, Madagascar, RDC, Libya and many more in Africa an institutions that should be boycotted and toppled down to the ground is the African Union.  The embarrassing Ali Baba gang of 53 thieves is useless in solving any or all the conflicts in Africa or finding any unifying consensus. The members of the AU are a collection of greedy beggars, vicious dictators, few blanket covered royals, fraudulently elected presidents who think of their country as a personal coffer.

These leaders are impotent of honesty and accountability.  The world does not need this smorgasbord of unpalatable sadistic buffoons scurrying out their citizen to better shores for dignity and opportunities.

There is nothing on the country profile of the member states on the AU official website.  The AU members stole the good reading and left the area codes of their country. No forwarding number, only a country code.

The constitution act of the African Union, when last checked, is only available in French and is 22 pages long including the cover and the blank spaces.

The reading is a list of vague articles which all the members have broken at least once.
The most interesting is Article 3(e), (f) and (g) mentioning that members should:

  • Follow the UN charters and the Universal declaration of human rights
  • Promulgate peace, security and stability of the continent
  • Promulgate the democratic institutions, popular participation and good governance.

Article 18 about the African Court of Justice is 2 articles, of 2 ½ lines in total, referring to another document of 20 pages making a garbage dump more exciting.

Toppling down this useless institution would save lives, time and money and send a message to the continent that all these leaders are unwanted.

What to do with these Ali Babas?
Wait for the next reunion of the AU and fast, while they go to sleep listening to Mad Bob Mugabe’s speech, cut off all means of communication, social networks and confiscate mobile phones, lap tops and the gold fountain pens.

Call all the mercenaries listed in their address books.

Mercenaries’ mission: To cordon off the AU headquarter and make sure that no one comes out.

Freeze all their bank accounts including the sons, daughters, wives and mistresses.

The punishment for any escapee will be to legibly write, with no spelling mistakes, the location of their hidden assets while standing up on the back of a pick truck going 100 miles an hour on a dirt road.  The recidivists shall be chained to their bed like some patients are in several of these countries.

Provide each prisoner with colorful prison uniforms with medals for years in office and the number of the AU constitution articles not respected.

The only luxury they can have is black hair dye and flying toilets. Designers’ sunglasses and hats are not allowed.

Any uprising shall be broken up by throwing at them shoes, tear gas and shooting not so rubber bullets.  Then write letters, lots of letters, providing the idea that their concerns have been heard and that something shall be done.

Distribute a copies of all the UN communications and friendly, by interest, countries press releases to give them hope.

Let’s wait, it should work!




  1. Whooo!!!! tiens moi au courant des repercusions

  2. What a shame. This is not what achieving independence is really about. What they have created is a fiefdom. I had to look up the term” flying toilets”. What a disgrace, for crying out loud, we are in the 21st century. And I underdstand that in some rural and remote areas, there may not be appropriate conditions , but the government should be working hard to bring humane living conditions to all its people.
    I know right away the OAU is just a country club with no power to do anything because most African leaders are in the business of thievery and not regional and international relations.

  3. The AU is a disservice to Africa. What do you except from a collection of national robbers some of whom have no business being leaders in the first place. They had better stayed away from Libya if another marriage of inconvenience is the only solution they have to propose. Thank God the man in CIV is too greedy to accept the option. What do you expect from a team that has Mugabe et al in their midst? Only heartbreak!
    I hope bodies like UN forget that that there is an AU. We certainly don’t think we have one!

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