One of the ibis in my tree

My tree is mine and mine alone since I planted it.  We have known each other since it is a baby.  Some people have dogs or cats as pets, I have a tree.

It is easier to care than animals and it does not bite, minimum mess, no training required, it provides shades and no medical bill when it gets hurts. It is quiet and listens when I talk, it makes a shaky noise when the wind blows and that’s about it.

I call it “Mytree”, a simple name which fits it and I don’t care the weird looks people give me when I talk about it. Believe me, it has life.

 Mytree has grown and now reaches above the house.  Really nice chap and I got sad when one of its branches broke. I still blame a house-help which strangled its branch with a cloth line.  The poor branch could not breathe and with time and heavy loads it came crashing, one morning, on the ground. Mytree was shaken but is fine now.

 Mytree has saved the life of a pussy cat that climbed on it for refuge while chased by my neighbor’s Chihuahua. But for a while now it has allowed a couple to move in with it.

A couple of ibises, birds with an oversized long pointy beak with a bright red line on it. They are twice the size of the Chihuahua and announce their presence with the loudest prehistoric stringent noise you can think of.

Ibis mess on my bird of paradise

I don’t mind for Mytree to have friends but these birds have no social etiquettes.  They nest right above my bird of paradise, the flower not the bird, and like revenge poop white blobs all over it.  They have not figured it out that it is a flower and not a bird.

The Ibises during their morning walk like to pock holes in my garden. I understand they eat worms and other small animals.

I hope they don’t eat the baby geckos. I know, geckos are ugly but they are good at controlling the insect population.  I am not fond of insects, their brain is too small to be trained and they never understand when to leave me alone. But with geckos around I feel safe.

I tolerate the ibises because they give character to my garden, but they frighten easily. I don’t walk anymore to Mytree. I tip toe like a thief to check on it.  When they see me they flap these long wide wings then fly away.

I feel bad, I don’t mean to bother, I only want to talk to Mytree.  I am told that plants are happy when you talk to them. So, I assume that it likes the sound of my voice and it does deserve attention for all the peace it has given me.

But with the ibises I can’t talk to it anymore.



2 responses to “MY TREE AND THE IBIS

  1. Buenos dias.
    What a beautiful essay. I think you should also talk to the ibises,it is likely they are jealous seeing you only talking to Mytree.More likely Mytree and the ibises also communicate with each other. When you tiptoe over to Mytree,do it from an angle a little away from the ibises then acknowledege them gently.
    When I was a child growing up in Panama, there was an old tree we always talked to. We had given it a name too. This tree was tall and very old.
    Living here in North America, I talk to the squirrels every morning when I see them roaming around happily playing all day.
    Coming from Panama, a place rich with birds, I have always talked to birds. I tell you, once I was back home and one morning early while it was still dark, a group of birds appeared near my house waking me up. They all sang beautifully like an orchestra and I got up and watched them through my window . What was impressive was when one of them changed tune, all the others followed. I believed the birds came to give me a personal recital.
    It was so beautiful and when the sun came up they all left, and I imagined each one taking a bow and then flying off.
    I also talk to the ocean. I cannot tell you how majestic, emotional,soothing,comforting and responsive the ocean is .

    I agree with you, trees have a life of their own and a gentle one at best. Enjoy Mytree, and do not make the ibises stop you from talking to her/him. You never said if your tree is male or female.


  2. He’s an elegant and soft spoken male. A really nice chap.

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