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Today is the International Women’s Day. I think it is nice to celebrate the gender and its accomplishments and triumphs and be reminded of their inequalities, failures and sorrows.

Men are worse than pigs in some culture and society.  They use women as beast of burden, properties and accumulate them as assets.

Forget the Western world when talking about women; their status is cushiony compared to the underdeveloped world, especially in sub-Sahara Africa.

A member of the Kenyan embassy, in Washington, told me over the phone that a wife is a property. You can take her wherever you go.  She is yours.
Isn’t, owning a human, slavery?

A Kenyan, acquaintance of mine, said that divorce does not exist in Africa.  That’s a misdemeanor, it does exist. Anyway, maybe he knows better since he  married two sisters and they all live together in the same house.
You see the fist wife could not get pregnant, a defective product, so he asks her father to also give him the sister.  That’s not a divorce, a simple exchange and he kept the defective first wife.

In Uganda looking at a woman tilling the land, I asked a man sitting nearby, looking at her, why was he not helping.
I am a businessman.
What type of business?
I sold a chicken last week.

So he sold a chicken in a week but she must till and tend the land the all year. She probably raised the chicken which he sold.

In South Sudan an army man asked me if I have a wife.
Yes I do.
Do you beat your wife?
No I don’t beat my wife, why should I?
You have to beat her once in a while, even if she does not do anything, that’s how they respect you.

Then I understood why women screamed, at nigh, in their tukuls (huts).  The men were teaching respect.
Strange but I met women who expected a beating from their husband.  They are so brainwashed that it is pitiful.

Culture brainwashed them in believing that they have to undergo the cut to be a woman. Genital mutilation is not part of religions it is cultural. Culture concocted by ignorant little old men, called chief or elders, brain farting ideas to show superiority.

Say anything negative about some cultural aspects and they cuss, telling you that Western culture is decadent and evil and that no one has the right to say anything about their way of life.
In that case the Kikuyu tribe may as well continue the cultural ritual killing of twins.  I am sorry Kikuyu twin people, that’s culture, I am just commenting while passing by.

Africa strongest labor forces are women.  In Africa women keep family together. In Africa the men will celebrate the International Women’s Day to have an excuse for more boozing and beat up their wives when coming home.

The NGO comes and give classes, lectures and training for the beaten and abused women.  Rarely do you hear men being trained.  The best NGO provide shelters until an elder brain fart his light bulb accusing the shelters of being against their culture and that they should be removed.

Kissing on the cheeks, hugging, holding hands in public with the opposite sex are septic signs of affection in Africa.
Men take their wife out for special functions.  The more wives the better.  It is a show of virility and wealth.
 A woman has more than one man and she is called a whore.

Success in the International Women’s Day is when you’ll see more men celebrating in sub-Sahara Africa.

Women are fine, it is the mindset of the men which has to be changed and re-molded from their misplaced sense of superiority.  Check the news, who screws up the African continent?




  1. Interesting post. I would argue with anyone on my theory that part of the backwardness of many African and Muslim nations is strongly connected to how women are treated there.
    Westeners have set the bar very high on how women should be treated and I recommend non-Westeners, especially black people and Muslims to take a page out of their book in that particular chapter.
    After the revolution, China outlawed all its dismal practices that rendered women as beasts, and look how far they have risen.They are about to surpass the Western world.
    There is no progress if women have no opportunities and priority is not given for girls to get an education.
    Any society that wants to advance must offer the same rights and opportunities to all its citizens.
    The double whammy is African and Muslim. This is why African Muslim countries are the poorest of the poor. A whole set of backward traditions along with backward religious tenets. The entire recipe for living in dire poverty.
    They can talk the talk about revolution, blaming Westeners for their poverty , but, if they do not walk the talk and change their ways, and pull their women up, they will remain poor for a long time.
    Go into any society and observe the women. Their very conditions will reflect where the society is at. If women are at the bottom,most likely that country is at the bottom in every aspect .
    Women are nation builders.
    We hear a lot of black people criticizing and whining, waiting for whites to offer them equality, but my question to black men is: When are you going to offer you own people equality?

  2. There is nothing comparable to the endurance of a woman. In military life she would tire out an army of men, either in camp or on the march.
    “ Mark Twain”

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