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At the end of 2010 the Kenya Police hired a public relation firm to boost their reputation and image. In January 2011 under covered policemen were caught on camera killing three unarmed suspects, lying down on the ground, at point-blank.

That’s nothing new in Kenya; extra judicial killings are common occurrences. Every other month, if not more often, the newspapers have articles of “suspects” being killed before committing the crime.  In Kenya the sentence for being a suspect is death.

Not one Public Relation Company can put glitters on the suffering of a family whose loved one has been murdered, maimed, tortured or scared at the hands of a police force.

Not one public relations, unless in cahoots with the police, can legitimize atrocities or promote the non-existent goodness of a police force while the underlying core problem of acting with impunity remains. A PR company does not have the required expertise to add or replace a police academy in providing any type of police training be it simple as leadership or management.

The judicial system in Kenya is corrupt and extra judicial killing is quick and less cumbersome than facing justice. Can a PR company change this mindset?

The Kenya Police force needs competent training from reputable police instructors in civic education and their role in protecting the life and property of every citizen.

They need better pay, adequate living quarters, transports, working emergency centers, computers, and a proper communication system. 

The only visible expenses the government has done on their behalf are the padded star wars outfits used to brutally repress public strife.

The Kenya Police is squandering money on public relations while denying citizen basic services and protection due to lack of fund.

Police stations are recognizable by the bright-colored ensign painted at the entrance of a building. The inside is pallid, the police personnel on duty are usually rude and at time threatening. A smile and a listening ear are metered by the amount of the bribe given. Adversely mention the name of a prominent person and no one moves, no one helps, no one listens.

Really, can a PR company justify these pictures.

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  1. Maybe Kenyans need to seek outside assistance, a private, international police consulting force to come in and train their policemen.
    Kenyan police force appears not to know the role ,function and job of policemen.
    It looks like they believe a police can do whatever he feels, take the law in his own hands and also terrorize the citizenry.The policemen also appear to be downright hoodlums. Those pictures are horrible. Very, very sad.


  2. “ If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality”. – B. Desmond Tutu –

  3. There are so many police officers especially juniors who can do that job, the only obstacle is that they have not been given an opportunity and enviroment that is required. these have to be provided for by the both political leaders and police bosses. The outsiders can not fully understand what police are actually going through for their unlawful actions. Is not that am against, but what is best neede is change in management so that both junior and senior may put in more contribution, but those firms wonn’t work effectively.

  4. …..opinion…..Kenneth Irungu Waitwika a 26-year-old teacher in Maralal lies dead barely 200 days after Kenyans welcomed a new constitution Article 26 of which provides that Every person has the right to life. Irungu is a recent victim of what is strongly suspected to be another case of arbitrary extra-judicial execution by the police. When this matter was quickly reported to Kamukunji Police Station Occurrence Book Ref 42 11-03-11 the officers there said the vehicle belongs to the Kayole Police Station.

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